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/mmcg/ - Modded Minecraft General

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Night Life Edition


We discuss Modded Minecraft, modpacks, projects, build ideas, etc.
If you're working on a mod or a pack, keep us updated for feedback!

► 2. NEWS

Curseforge beta has a new better search now, it's still shit sadly.
New Thaumcraft serb "soon".
Legacy/java accounts are no more.


>Useful Curseforge Search (script to automatically redirect to the legacy curse pages)

>Current Flavor of the Month Launcher (say no to M$!)

>Ideas, Albums, Resources & Inspiration

>General FAQ [Read this before asking for mod-making guides, where to download shit etc]

>Mods, modpacks and guides [Read this before asking what modpacks you should play]

Last Party: >>447127504
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/lozg/ - The Legend of Zelda General

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Fighting Games General /fgg/

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/rwg/ - Rimworld General

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Anime edition

Thread disclaimer
>Is the DLC worth it?
It depends on your tastes some like it and some don't. You should probably pirate it first to try it out
>Is the Book worth it?
Yes. It's required reading for any game dev/gamer
>Is Dwarf Fortress welcome here?

► Links:
>Where do I buy Tynan's amazing Book?
>New patch notes
>(I'm new, what mods should I get?)
>How do I know which mods eat the most performance?

>Use Rimpy for managing your mods

>Make sure to follow this guide to minimize problems with you mod load orders

(new /rwg/ mods)
(old /rwg/ OP)

CDDA modlist:

Yayo modlist:
►Other /rwg/++ games:

Not DF for sure.

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Path to Nowhere General - /ptng/

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>New Event: [Insatiable Fiesta], September 12th - September 26th

>Broken Frontline Dark Area (Stage 6), September 25th - November 6th

>Mania Training (Phase 3), starts September 26th

>Detailed Tier list
>Guide Compilation + CN Schedule
>Crimebrand priority | Shop & stamina efficiency | Hypercube income | Base incidents
>Sinner Build Guides

>CN Wiki首页
>CN Tier List角色强度
>CN Banner History追踪一览
>CN Levelling Calculator经验需求计算器

>/ptng/ Secret Societies

>Codes(Redeem in Account settings)
>there's nothing here...
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/dbg/ - Dragon Ball General

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Blind Fury vs Calm Rage Edition

General news
>23rd Budokai Tenkaichi DLC for Kakarot has been released!
>Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Fusion World is set to release in February 2024!
>New Budokai Tenkaichi Game Announced!
>Season 3 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers released
>Super Hero DLC Pack 1 and 2 released for Xenoverse 2
>SDBH Ultra God Mission 9 is out

>Useful links:

XV2 news:
>Awakening Skill for CaCs: Beast
>Hero of Justice Part 2 released
>New characters: Orange Piccolo, Piccolo (Power Awakening), Gohan (Beast)
>Cell Max Raid
>The Breakers collab with Semiperfect Cell as a boss

SDBH news:
>Next Set: UGM10
>Meteor Mission announced: Ozotto is the Main Villain
>Various heroes for other timelines aid against powered-up villains, as UI Goku, SS2 Future Gohan and SS4 Bardock fight off Time Unleashed Demigra
>Arcade missions and Campaign set based on the Buu arc
>Super Saiyan UR set (SS Vegeta, SS2 Teen Gohan, SS3 Gotenks, SSG Goku, SSB Vegetto)
>More Dramatic Art reprints (Gohan and Super Buu)
>Beelzebub as a cross-promo card

>SDBH Database

steam > userdata > [your steam id] > 323470 > remote > DBXV21
DBXV2.sav should be there, which is your savefile
If you wish to delete it to try reimporting or for other reasons, disable steamcloud on both Xenoverse 1 and 2 first.

>Season 2 of DLC announced
>Bardock's story is the first DLC pack
>23rd Budokai Tenkaichi DLC released on August 17th
>Third DLC leaked to be End of Z.

DB The Breakers:
>Season 3 released
>Survivors: CAC, Bulma, Oolong, The Farmer, Chichi, King Furry, Yajirobe, Baba, Dende, King Kai
>Raiders: Cell, Frieza, Buu, Vegeta, Ginyu Force

>XV Booru: Upload drawfaggotry here

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/hig/ - Honkai Impact 3rd General #855

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Thread for the discussion of Honkai Impact 3rd


>Shattered Swords VN

>Latest CN supply, event, abyss, and MA cycles:
>v6.9 stuff

>v7 stuff

> Miracle Magical Girl Tutorial Video EX
>Cutting Dreams at Dawn Trailer:
>Honkai Impact 3rd x PROMARE Crossover Concept Trailer

>Seele's Summer Night Concert

>Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 First Look

Let's All Get Along Edition

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/tfg/ - Titanfall General

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Busting a move edition

Titanfall 2 multiplayer is FINALLY NOT DDOSed on every platform. Northstar Client still exists but why bother

>Northstar client is for trannies and pedophiles, not linking it here
On all systems, happy hour is 10:00PM EST. Join up for some stacks.


>The Art of Titanfall 1 and 2!OwRzlSwC!nu2XxDPzLdxgKVOP9ZHJY0lqmc0LYjmoE2yrESLJMDQ!So5DmL7I!ji0qNMfp_1ac2klwVMYzX6OjnuNOzrQEIna3kZ1ziVQ

>The Art of /tfg/

>/tfg/ Youtube Playlist

>/tfg/-created Helpful Videos, Tutorials & Mods (embed)

>TF1/2 Networks
>A majority is outdated possibly
PC: Search for the tag (not name) "tfg" in the in-game network browser, and join the network led by "sniperwaifu"
PS4: Search for "the fast guys" in the in-game network browser
Xbone: Search for tag "tfg" in the in-game network browser and join the network by ImmortalDrifter. Drop your gt in the thread to connect with other xbros

>Steam Group

Doomed thread: >>447580401
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/gum/ Ninjala Thread #190

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>What is Ninjala?
Ninjala is a Free-to-Play arena brawler where you face off against other players using special weapons, skills, and green cum gained from magic "Ninja Gum."
>Is there Single Player Content?
Yes, although you do have to purchase it. Ninjala is primarily a PvP game.

>Official Websites
Anime Episodes, Manga Chapters, and More:
Art Dump:

-Season 14 is now live! This season has added the new Flamitango Hammer Type and Chelae Magnum Punch Type weapons as well as the ability to hide UI and gum bottles in various modes for screenshots.
-Ranked Match overhaul details:
-Tokyo Revengers Collab Part 2 is starting October 11th! If you use Kappei's hair, don't miss the head tattoo that lets you hide its hat!
-S14 Patch Notes:
-S14 Ninjala Pass Matsuri Schedule:
-S14 Featured Battle Schedule:
-S14 Daily Login Bonuses:
-S14 Shinobi Challenges:
-Newest Anime Episode:
-Dev Diary #33:


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/gbpen/ - BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! EN General #805

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Logical Violinist Edition
Previous thread: >>447862803


Current Event: When the Bakery Lights Dim
Current Gacha: Sound the Whistle of a New Journey Gacha (4* Saaya, Rimi)
Current Event Boost: Happy ft. Popipa

Next Event: My Sunset Engraved in Your Pride of the Heavens
Next Gacha: Ferociously! Roaring Scarlet Fang Gacha (4* Ran, Tsugu)
Next Event Boost: Cool ft. Wafterglo

Database with optimal Team Builder, event cutoff predictions, song chart viewer and simulator, asset explorer and story viewer:
Another database:
EX Mission guide:

Fun Stuff
Favdori sorter:
Favsong sorter:
Tower game recreation:
Gacha simulator:
Dumbdori soundboard and Flappy Ako (hasn't been updated in a long while):
Live Interactions and other translations:
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