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/ksg/ - Katawa Shoujo General

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Katawa Shoujo General #3978

>Feeding Edition
>Breeding Edition

Last Thread: >>444443663

Official Website: (KS is free!)
Backup KS Download: (Windows)
KS Alpha:
Summer's Clover: (Suriko's Miki Route - date Suzu or Hisao)
Crud's "Where Are 4LS Now?":'re_are_they_now_post/

Thread Links:
Master Pastebin:
"I'm such a failure, I'll never find my Katawa":

Community Works:
Katawa Booru:
Hanako Image Database:
3D-Printable Katawa Figurines:
Desktop Katawas:
Katawa Crash:
KS fanfics:
Honey Select Anon's Database:
Val's Content Dump + Pantsu:
Anon's Sprites + Font Rip:
KSG Map:
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/psg/ - Project SEKAI General

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Forgot her safety pin edition

>What is Project SEKAI?
Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage! ft. Hatsune Miku is a rhythm game made in collaboration with Crypton Future Media and Sega. It features the 6 main Vocaloids from Crypton, along with a cast of original characters.

There are currently three other versions of Project SEKAI.
Taiwanese and Korean versions are available in their respective regions.
An English version, Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!, is also available.

Sekai Viewer -
Sekai Wiki -

>Current Event
Let's study hard!
Boosted Attribute: Cool
Boosted Members: An, Akito, Tsukasa, Rui, Mizuki

>Current Gacha
Phantom Chaser (Permanent)
An, Rui, Mizuki

>Translated stories
Wonderlands × Showtime:
25-ji, Nightcord de.:

>Translated event stories

>Untranslated card stories

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/gig/ - Genshin Impact General

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>Character Teaser - "Neuvillette: Watcher in the Deep"

>Event "Ley Line Overflow" live until September 25

>Event "Studies in Light and Shadow: A Fontaine of Enchantment" live until September 25

>Current character banner: Zhongli, Tartaglia, Freminet, Sayu, Noelle

>Current weapon banner: Vortex Vanquisher (Polearm), Polar Star (Bow)

>Daily check-in rewards (permanent)

>Redeemable Codes (all regions):

>Useful Links (Wiki, BannerSim, Maps, Guides, etc.)

/gig/ OP pastebin (use this if making new thread):
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/kfg/ Kemono Friends General - Melanin Edition

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Tips for being a good taichou:
>Serval trying to compete with Saber for most sameface variants
>Sky Fish now available as the anniversary friend!
>We stil have that 4th anniversary broadcast on the 23rd coming up
>Dancing bird duo event in Kingdom
>Get the notes and remember to clear the shop, those fluorite deals are good
>If you are still a shoebill-let, your pleas have been heard, get those tickets ready for her banner
>Reminder to redeem these codes for goodies at the settings menu: ANIGIRL2023 ServalD6GN Hippo2JFZ Weasel1V5C Hare3gX2A Feast5kcK

>Kemono Friends Kingdom
>Official Twitter
>Kingdom Mate Codes
>Spreadsheet of KFK Friend skills

>KF3 PC Version and Mobile Version
>Chokotto Anime
>Official Twitter
>KF3 Friend Codes
>Guide and Skill Sheets

>Model Viewers
>Moose-Taichou's Repository!vF1lxQIR!ZdFaa5BC9N_t2giO0QSxCg
>Moose cache backup

>Previous Thread: >>445754918

>Tip of the day:
The park truly has seemingly endless supply of cats....Dont let Pallas near the new serval though, trouble will ensue.
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/OMG/ OpenMystery General #20.1 - Potion Brewing edition

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This is the place for all sorts of discussion about OpenMystery. Post screenshots, discuss the story, simp your favourite witchfus!



>What is OpenMystery?
OpenMystery is the open-source PC port of H*gwarts M*stery, made in Unity.
It runs similarly to an emulator, and is developed using top-down reverse-engineering methods.
This gives it the advantage of being able to remove all the annoying mobile mechanics from the game since we have complete control of the engine.
It's also able to play new content whenever the base game updates.

>Where can I get OpenMystery?
Here's everything you need to setup and run the game.

>What can OpenMystery play?
OpenMystery is capable of playing the main quest, tlsqs, sqs, quidditch, creature quests, dates and more.

>Is OpenMystery complete?
OpenMystery is constantly updating, with assortments of bug fixes and improvements.
While a bug-free experience isn't guaranteed, you should be able to have fun with it.
Please report any bugs you encounter.

>Is OpenMystery moddable?
Yes, the game supports mods. This is the link to the modding guide.
Here's the link to the moddb page

>Snydebooru - Merula fanart & OpenMystery art-related

>Fanfiction and greentexts
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/hpgg/ - Harry Potter Games General #1107:

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Lily was raped edition

Welcome to /vg/'s nexus for all Harry Potter series games, including Hogwarts Legacy, Hogwarts Mystery, Magic Awakened, and more!

Magic Awakened Social Club Name: Innominatus

Newest Game Information

>HL Optimization Guide:
>HL Mods (if a mod you're looking for is not on nexusmods, ask around the thread for it)

>/hpgg/ Movie Night Cytube

>HL Vocaroo Collection

>HL Student Profiles & Writing References

>HL & MA Character Info Templates

>Download the Books, Movies & Video Game Series
>HPHM Archive

>Snydebooru - HPHM Art

>Fanfic/Greentext & Asset Compilation

>HPHM Blender Models

>Griffin's Guide for Asset Extraction

>HPHM Visual Novel
>An Interaction with Merula
>Unity Game
>"A Very Meru Christmas"
>Pokemeru mod (download pokeabby in f95)

Previous thread: >>447009069
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/rlg/ - Roguelike General

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Previous thread: >>446751585

Featured game by thumbnail: DCSS

>What to Play
>Individual Game Pastas
>Roguelike Archive (Collection of pretty much every free roguelike there is)
>/rlg/'s "official" Cataclysm: DDA fork

>Current Events
/rlg/ Jam(Over): Roguelike focused game jam started by an anon here, link:

21 September 2023 - Omega Rebirth v0.4.1 released -
20 September 2023 - Emerald Woods 0.3.5 released -
20 September 2023 - PWMAngband version 1.6.0 build 1 released -
20 September 2023 - Triangle Wizard R 18.02 released -
19 September 2023 - Zorbus r59p8 released -
18 September 2023 - GearHead Caramel v0.956 released -
17 September 2023 - ByteZ ver. 7 Preview released -
17 September 2023 - Boohu 0.14.0 released -
11 September 2023 - ROGUE-FP 1.13 released on Steam -
28 August 2023 - First Paradise (Apsis Online) 6.2a released -

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Roguelike Servers (Angband and variants, including Frogcomposband) (DCSS and variants)
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/mhg/ - Monster Hunter General

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20 Years Edition

>I have a question about Monster Hunter!

>MH Rise
Sunbreak Info:
Patch Notes:
Hunter Connect:
Armor Set Search:

>MH Frontier
Set up and connect to the /mhg/ server:
FAQ & set up:
Decorations database:
Item database:


>Emulation and Modding

>Where does /vg/ play?
Post the game, platform, room code, and password (7243/rage)

>/mhg/ OP pastebin (use this when making new threads)

Previous thread: >>447561885
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/bdog/ The MMORPG Black Desert Online General

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Ninja Edition
>What is BDO
Black Desert Online is an Korean MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss. It features non-tab targeted action combat, RNG and guaranteed upgrade mechanics, witch grabbing, zerg pvp, infinite grinding and a pseudo sandbox experience.

>Latest NA/EU Patch Notes

>Latest KR News

>NA/EU Coupon codes

>Interactive world map:

>General utility (Boss timer, Imperial, Market Que, Pearl Market, Scroll Profit, Caphras Calc, etc.)

>Track your grinding session

>Grindspots silver/hr (EU prices)

>Useful Links, Guides, Guilds & Info
UPDATED pastebin again:

>/bdog/ Guilds
NA: Jealousy, Sardine (Together forming the JS Alliance)
EU: Bugcat


Last Thread: >>447249947
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/civ4xg/ - 4x, RTS, citybuilder, and strategy

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I didn't want to make the thread edition, but also parclo edition

last thread: >>446750115

== News ==
Dune: Spice Wars is out of early access:
Foundation 1.9.6 Desirability update:
Stellaris dev diary 314:
Nebulous update:
Old World September 6th update:
Airships: Conquer the Skies, Heroes and Villains design updated:
Stronghold Definitive Edition announced:
Plan B: Terraform roadmap:
Age of Wonders 4 has released the Watcher Update:
GalCiv 4 dev log 5:
GalCiv 4 dev journal 25:

== Pastebins ==
Alpha Centauri (new 14/06/22):
Free and open source games pastebin:
Stellaris: |
Stellaris DLC guide:
Endless Space 2 + Endless Legend:
Workers & Resources:
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