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/erg/ - Elden Ring General

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/tfg/ - Titanfall General

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Busting a move edition

Titanfall 2 multiplayer is FINALLY NOT DDOSed on every platform. Northstar Client still exists but why bother

>Northstar client is for trannies and pedophiles, not linking it here
On all systems, happy hour is 10:00PM EST. Join up for some stacks.


>The Art of Titanfall 1 and 2!OwRzlSwC!nu2XxDPzLdxgKVOP9ZHJY0lqmc0LYjmoE2yrESLJMDQ!So5DmL7I!ji0qNMfp_1ac2klwVMYzX6OjnuNOzrQEIna3kZ1ziVQ

>The Art of /tfg/

>/tfg/ Youtube Playlist

>/tfg/-created Helpful Videos, Tutorials & Mods (embed)

>TF1/2 Networks
>A majority is outdated possibly
PC: Search for the tag (not name) "tfg" in the in-game network browser, and join the network led by "sniperwaifu"
PS4: Search for "the fast guys" in the in-game network browser
Xbone: Search for tag "tfg" in the in-game network browser and join the network by ImmortalDrifter. Drop your gt in the thread to connect with other xbros

>Steam Group

Doomed thread: >>447580401

/rsg/ - RuneScape General

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The Eternal Anglo strikes edition

Latest News:*3U/hero-pass-community-consultation

>Jagex doubles down on aggressive mtx after "reviewing" constructive criticism from the playerbase
>Heropass is the hill Jagex is willing to die on
>Daily challenges may be reinstated whenever
>Hero pass daily challenges are now giving out 3 keys and 3 large lamps
>New Necromancy quests this fall
>Heropass continues to flop hard
>Saltmines continue to flow at Jagex HQ

>I haven't played since the First Age, what did I miss?

>Useful Links:
RS Wiki:
Revolution bars:
Runeclan is kill:
Perk calculator:

>Latest Quests:
Rune Mythos
Vessel of the Harbinger
The Spirit of War
Tomes of the Warlock
Remains of the Necrolord
Alpha vs Omega

>Necromancy (7th of August)

>Necromancy insights:
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/rwg/ - Rimworld General

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Anime edition

Thread disclaimer
>Is the DLC worth it?
It depends on your tastes some like it and some don't. You should probably pirate it first to try it out
>Is the Book worth it?
Yes. It's required reading for any game dev/gamer
>Is Dwarf Fortress welcome here?

► Links:
>Where do I buy Tynan's amazing Book?
>New patch notes
>(I'm new, what mods should I get?)
>How do I know which mods eat the most performance?

>Use Rimpy for managing your mods

>Make sure to follow this guide to minimize problems with you mod load orders

(new /rwg/ mods)
(old /rwg/ OP)

CDDA modlist:

Yayo modlist:
►Other /rwg/++ games:

Not DF for sure.

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/mmcg/ - Modded Minecraft General

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Night Life Edition


We discuss Modded Minecraft, modpacks, projects, build ideas, etc.
If you're working on a mod or a pack, keep us updated for feedback!

► 2. NEWS

Curseforge beta has a new better search now, it's still shit sadly.
New Thaumcraft serb "soon".
Legacy/java accounts are no more.


>Useful Curseforge Search (script to automatically redirect to the legacy curse pages)

>Current Flavor of the Month Launcher (say no to M$!)

>Ideas, Albums, Resources & Inspiration

>General FAQ [Read this before asking for mod-making guides, where to download shit etc]

>Mods, modpacks and guides [Read this before asking what modpacks you should play]

Last Party: >>447127504
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/bag/ - Blue Archive General #3550

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Previous Thread: >>448087132

>Guides, Resources and useful links:
>4koma, Manga, Side Content, PVs & Shorts

>9/27 (Wed) After Maint - 10/11 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
Ichika (3*)
Kasumi (3*)

Trip-Trap-Train - 9/27 (Wed) After Maint - 10/11 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
Raid - Binah (Urban - Insane & Torment w/Yellow Dmg) - 10/4 (Wed) 11:00 - 10/11 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
Joint Firing Drill (Defense Drill) - 10/11 (Wed) 11:00 - 10/18 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
2x Lessons - 9/27 (Wed) 4:00 - 10/4 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
2x Scrimmages - 9/27 (Wed) 4:00 - 10/4 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)

Patch notes:
>9/26 (Tue) After Maint - 10/10 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Kayoko (New Year) (3*)
Haruka (New Year) (3*)
Aru (New Year) (3* - Limited - Rerun)
Mutsuki (New Year) (3* - Limited - Rerun)
Serika (New Year) (3* - Rerun)
>10/10 (Tue) 2:00 - 10/17 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Izuna (3* - Rerun)
Shizuko (2* - Rerun)
Mimori (3* - Rerun)

[Rerun] New Years' Rhapsody No. 68 - 9/26 (Tue) After Maint - 10/10 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Raid - Goz (Indoor - Insane & Torment w/Red Dmg) - 10/3 (Tue) 2:00 - 10/9 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
Joint Firing Drill (Defense Drill) - 10/10 (Tue) 2:00 - 10/16 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Bounties - 9/25 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/2 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Commissions - 10/2 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/9 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Scrimmages - 10/9 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/16 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Normals - 10/9 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/16 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
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/mjg/ - Mahjong General

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>New to Mahjong? Play here (tutorial included):

>Interested in this general or in Mahjong? READ THIS:

>Watch M-League (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 19:00 JST):

>/mjg/ booru:

>regular tourney II
>registration (up to October 6th)
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/stag/ - Starfield General #0228

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That's A Man Edition

>>>The Game<<<

>25/09: Patch 2 -
>13/09: First hotfix released, more features teased and mod support in early 2024 -
>06/09: Full release!
>03/09: Starfield Script Extender is out -
>01/09: Early Access now available! Full release on September 6th.


>Q: Is Starfield similar to No Man's Sky?
>A: No, Starfield isn't a space sim.
>Q: Is there interplanetary travel?
>A: No.
>Q: What's the deal with NG+(+...)?
>A: Restarts the game with minor changes to the story and world, while preserving your powers and skills. After NG+10 you'll stop receiving new/upgraded items.

>Potential upcoming mods leaked by scraping Nexus:
>Character builder:
>Threadly space music:

>>>OP template<<<
> (will be periodically updated)

Previous Planetary Survey: >>448028264
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/hbg/ - Homebrew and Hacking General

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Last thread: >>447132465
OP template and News Archive:

3DS: all (11.16.0 for *unhacked* old3DS)
Switch: HW exploit (old v1 units): all; SW exploit (new & old units): 4.1.0; Modchip (v2 "Red Box" & Lite & OLED): all
Wii U: all
Vita: all
PS5: 4.51 kernel, 2.50 HV
PS4: 9.00
PS3: all (CFW only for older models)


-LATEST NEWS- (check the archive for more news)
>Wii U
[Jul 31] Aroma Beta-16 (coldboot cfw that doesn't require a ds game)
[Jul 24] Tiramisu 0.1.2

[31 Aug] libhijacker 1.77
[24 Dec] GoldHEN 2.3
[14 Sep] New exploit disclosed

[22 Aug] Hekate 6.0.6
[21 Aug] Atmosphere 1.5.5

[27 Dec] HENlo released (webexploit for all firmwares)
[15 Apr] 0syscall6 1.3
[26 Aug] h-encore2

[9 Sep] Twilight Menu++ 26.1.0
[12 Aug] Luma3DS 13.0.2
[17 Jul] 3hs 1.4.5 (a freeshop-like app)
[23 May] Nintendo patches free 3DS exploits
[22 Nov] Universal Updater v3.2.6
>ALL SYSTEMS: the OP Archive has download links/sites for games
>If you have an issue you probably have an outdated/messed up setup, make sure to read the guides before asking questions
>This general is not affiliated with the /hbg/ discord, subreddit or 'shop', they just stole the name and GIF
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/gbfg/ - Granblue Fantasy General #9826

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>Recent News
Solo Quest Catalog is out
Yordaha (Water) FLB is now live
MechaMecha LEVEL UP Meg&Mari character song is out
Revan Raid weapon packs now available for 200 Valor Badges
Rebalances to Y.Siegfried, S.Yuel, S.Grea & S.Diantha out
Warlock, Chrysaor, Lumberjack, Robin Hood, and Doctor Ultimate Masteries are out
Platinum Sky 2 added to Side Stories
Main Story update planned for Late 2023 & Spring 2024
Granblue Fantasy: Relink releases Worldwide February 1st 2024

>September 2023 Schedule
09/20 - 09/27: Unite & Fight (Wind favored)
09/28 - 10/06: The Dragon Weeps before Daybreak

>Future Schedule
10/07: Tales of Arcarum (Geisenborger)
October: Dread Barrage (Light favored)

>How to Start
Go to in any Chromium-based browser

>READ THE FAQ before posting - It will answer most of your questions if you're new or learning

>Helpful links - These links contain useful information like important guides and other stuff
Granblue Fantasy Toolbox -
/gbfg/ Mega Pastebin -
/gbfg/ Crew Directory -

Previous Thread: >>448054019
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