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/snap/ - Marvel Snap General

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Issue #162 - Danvers Edtion

>Official Site and Discord

>Basics (Tutorial and Collection Progression)

>Collection Tracker


>What is Marvel Snap?
The GOTY CCG from the creators of Hearthstone. A deck is 12 card singleton. Players play 6 simultaneous turns to 3 lanes. Winning 2 lanes wins the match. Matches are played for ladder ranks (cosmic cubes) and players can SNAP once per match to double the stakes (max 8 cubes).
>What is a card series?
Cards unlock in a random order, but specific cards are unlocked within specific collection level (CL) ranges: Series 1 cards (CL 18-214), Series 2 (222-474), and Series 3 (474+). Series 4 (Rare) and 5 (Super Rare) drop through a 'Spotlight Cache' starting at CL500:

>How can I increase my CL faster?
Upgrade every card you get to green rarity (frame break) ASAP. Spend the rest of your credits how you like.
>When should I snap?
>Whose cards reveal first?
The player who is currently winning reveals first. Otherwise at random. The player revealing first has a glowing portrait.
>What should I spend my gold on?
Variants and bundles with tokens. Mission refreshes.
>How do I recognize a bot?
>Can I get season passes and gold cheaper?

>Comic Recs

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/wowg/ - World of Warcraft General

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/hsrg/ - Honkai Star Rail General

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>1.3 Summary

>Fu Xuan Trailer - "Omniscia Spares None"

>TGS 2023 Video: Grasp the Stars

>Animated Short: Ichor of Two Dragons

>Myriad Celestia Trailer — "History of the Xianzhou: Exodus of the Five Dragons"

>Current Character Banner (Foreseen, Foreknown, Foretold || Fu Xuan + Lynx, Hook, Pela)

>Current Light Cone Banner (Brilliant Fixation || She Already Shut Her Eyes (Preservation))

>Daily check-in

>Redeemable Codes

>/hsrg/ Tools & Resources

>/hsrg/ Friend list

>/hsrg/ Thread Template
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/cp77g/ Cyberpunk 2077 General

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/nepgen/ - Neptunia and Compile Heart General #1826

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Blanc Won

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Upcoming Idea Factory games and release dates:
Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution- PS5, PS4, Switch (EN 2024)

>Hyperdimension Neptunia Downloads (Skins, Artbooks, Manga, Guides, Soundtracks, etc.):

>Folder containing all the 4koma and Nepnokai raws:!shkAGDaK!-X8nObRihU5EqP5Zx8yVMA

>New Neptunia Dolphins link:
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/bag/ - Blue Archive General #3549

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>Guides, Resources and useful links:
>4koma, Manga, Side Content, PVs & Shorts

>9/27 (Wed) After Maint - 10/11 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
Ichika (3*)
Kasumi (3*)

Trip-Trap-Train - 9/27 (Wed) After Maint - 10/11 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
Raid - Binah (Urban - Insane & Torment w/Yellow Dmg) - 10/4 (Wed) 11:00 - 10/11 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
Joint Firing Drill (Defense Drill) - 10/11 (Wed) 11:00 - 10/18 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
2x Lessons - 9/27 (Wed) 4:00 - 10/4 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
2x Scrimmages - 9/27 (Wed) 4:00 - 10/4 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)

Patch notes:
>9/26 (Tue) After Maint - 10/10 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Kayoko (New Year) (3*)
Haruka (New Year) (3*)
Aru (New Year) (3* - Limited - Rerun)
Mutsuki (New Year) (3* - Limited - Rerun)
Serika (New Year) (3* - Rerun)
>10/10 (Tue) 2:00 - 10/17 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Izuna (3* - Rerun)
Shizuko (2* - Rerun)
Mimori (3* - Rerun)

[Rerun] New Years' Rhapsody No. 68 - 9/26 (Tue) After Maint - 10/10 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Raid - Goz (Indoor - Insane & Torment w/Red Dmg) - 10/3 (Tue) 2:00 - 10/9 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
Joint Firing Drill (Defense Drill) - 10/10 (Tue) 2:00 - 10/16 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Bounties - 9/25 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/2 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Commissions - 10/2 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/9 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Scrimmages - 10/9 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/16 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Normals - 10/9 (Mon) 19:00 - 10/16 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
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/eftg/ - Escape From Tarkov General

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Dead game 2th Edition

>Arena website
>0.13.5 patch notes
>Where to get the latest Russian sneedware
>Ammo tables
>For the newfags (embed) (embed)
>Written guide for the newfags
>Quest tracker
>All your Tarkov needs website
>Change list
REMINDER: /eftg/ has no discord, any discord links posted are from tranny or homo grooming servers.
REMINDER: /eftg/ is a general dedicated to tarkov, not spt.

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/pg/ - Persona General

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>Persona 3 Reload will be released on February 2nd, 2024
>Persona 5 Tactica Strategy Game Spin-Off Announced for November 17, 2023
>Persona 5: The Phantom X Mobile Game Announced

> (Arena) Expires: 2024/04/30
> (Unknown) Expires: 2023/12/31
> (Unknown) Expires: 2023/12/31

>We have moved everything to GoogleDocs and on the Internet Archive:
>New and improved Birthday Chart

/pg/ OC:
>Draw Corner archive
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/fg/ - Falcom General #1733

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>Falcom Games
>Pastebin (aka music)
>Extra Stuff (guides, downloads, undub patches
>Games, mods, saves, pre-patched translations
>Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana English patch
>Hajimari spreadsheet translation insertion
>Trails into Reverie localization fix
>Kuro Translation (drive):
>Kuro 2 Translation (drive):

>The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak announced for Summer 2024
>Ys X; Nordics Character Trailer
>Ys X: Nordics Time Attack, Boss Rush, Boss Characters, Battle Skills
>Ys X: Nordics Promo Trailer (English)
>Ys X: Nordics Systems Trailer
>Ys X: Nordics Promotional Trailer
>Ys X: Nordics Action Introduction
>New English Trails and Ys Tabletop Games
>Ys X: Nordics Raid Gameplay
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/fng/ - Fortnite General

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>Chapter 4 - Season 4: Last Resort

>Stat tracker/Leaderboards

>Current Store Rotation

>Interactive Map/Challenges

>Mission Alerts for StW

>Season XP Leveling Pace

>Battle Royale News
Learn Force Abilities from Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite!

Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0: Play Together & Earn Rewards!

>Save the World News
The Fortnite Save the World v26.20 Homebase Status Report

>Creative News
Fortnite Ecosystem V26.10 Update

>September 2023’s Crew Pack Includes a Solitary Wanderer of Cosmic Space

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