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/sg/ - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. General

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Kruglov edition

>BugTrap, crash to desktop, freeze/lockup? Find your crash log, stalker.
Check your Documents or game install directories for the xray_[your name].log file. If you can't find it, look in the location specified at the top of fsgame.ltx. Copy the last few lines from the log and paste them here if you want any help.

>Quickstart Guide
>Mod Guide
>Miscellaneous Guide
>Start guide, beginner tips, and much much more (embed)
>HUD guide, modding basics, mod reviews, and AMK mod guide
>Why Complete is bad and you shouldn't play it (embed)
>Performance Guides, Steam settings (embed)
>Common misconceptions about Shadow of Chernobyl game mechanics
>The Zone Manual: Every Mod You'll Ever Need for the True Ukrainian Experience
>Running STALKER. on Linux

Lost to the Zone: >>446503723
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Playstation Vita General 3854 - Sharing Edition

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Previous Thread: >>447216701

>Vitagen Website (News, Translations, Guides, Wikis and more)


>NIS America Releases Being Delisted from PSN

>Jet Set Knights is getting a physical release

>Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Shut Down

>Content Can No Longer Be Transferred Between PS3 and PS Vita

>Update adds new security measures

>Root Letter series shipments and digital sales top 500,000

>Grand Kingdom to be delisted from Store on February 28 in Japan

>Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice to Have Servers Shuttered

>Super Zangyura launches June 24 in Japan

>Sony Interactive Entertainment backpedals on decision to close PlayStation Store


>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

Want hacks/homebrew discussion?
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/d2g/ - Diablo General

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/calg/ - The Coffin of Andy and Leyley General

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/sgg/ Skullgirls General (& Friends)

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Playable Marie Edition

Previous: >>>447731843

>==Skullgirls 2nd Encore==>
>Latest Update:
>Season 1 Pass
Gameplay Wiki:
Character Overview: [Embed]
Combos vs Resets: [Embed]
Beginner Guide: [Embed]
History: [Embed]
Digital Art Compendium:
/sgg/ album:
>Online Weekly Tournaments
>Match Videos
>Discord Communities
Slapfest - Casual online lobbies:
Get Gr8 - Beginner focused:
>==Skullgirls Mobile==
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/kfg/ Kemono Friends General - Melanin Edition

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Tips for being a good taichou:
>Serval trying to compete with Saber for most sameface variants
>Sky Fish now available as the anniversary friend!
>We stil have that 4th anniversary broadcast on the 23rd coming up
>Dancing bird duo event in Kingdom
>Get the notes and remember to clear the shop, those fluorite deals are good
>If you are still a shoebill-let, your pleas have been heard, get those tickets ready for her banner
>Reminder to redeem these codes for goodies at the settings menu: ANIGIRL2023 ServalD6GN Hippo2JFZ Weasel1V5C Hare3gX2A Feast5kcK

>Kemono Friends Kingdom
>Official Twitter
>Kingdom Mate Codes
>Spreadsheet of KFK Friend skills

>KF3 PC Version and Mobile Version
>Chokotto Anime
>Official Twitter
>KF3 Friend Codes
>Guide and Skill Sheets

>Model Viewers
>Moose-Taichou's Repository!vF1lxQIR!ZdFaa5BC9N_t2giO0QSxCg
>Moose cache backup

>Previous Thread: >>445754918

>Tip of the day:
The park truly has seemingly endless supply of cats....Dont let Pallas near the new serval though, trouble will ensue.
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/egg/ - Engineering Games General - formerly /svgg/

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spaceplane edition
Previous thread: >>447563671
This thread is dedicated to all games about building machines and systems, in space or otherwise.

WebM for physicians:

List of commonly discussed /egg/ games:

>Chode - Children of a Dead Earth
>Captain of Industry
>Dyson Sphere Program
>Empyrion - Galactic Survival
>Factory town
>From the Depths
>Kerbal Space Program
>Opus Magnum
>Oxygen not Included
>Scrap Mechanic (update when?)
>Space Engineers
>Starship EVO
>Zachtronics games

List of /egg/-related malware:
>Kerbal Space Program 2

The full game list as well as information about these games, such as where to get them if they’re not on steam, trailers, /egg/ conquered/hosted servers, and other shit can be found in this pad:

Games that are not /egg/:
>Hearthstone (learn how to add a “/” to your search)

OP pad for new thread

Reminder: /egg/ has no discord, any discord links posted are from tranny servers.

Current and recent /egg/ hosted servers:

>Satisfactory (private server, ask in thread for IDs)
>Stormworks (currently on standby, ask in thread for details)
>Empyrion - Galactic Survival

All IPs are in the pad for security reasons.
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Path to Nowhere General - /ptng/

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Previous: >>446930789

>New Event: [Insatiable Fiesta], September 12th - September 26th

>Broken Frontline Dark Area (Stage 6), September 25th - November 6th

>Mania Training (Phase 3), starts September 26th

>Detailed Tier list
>Guide Compilation + CN Schedule
>Crimebrand priority | Shop & stamina efficiency | Hypercube income | Base incidents
>Sinner Build Guides

>CN Wiki首页
>CN Tier List角色强度
>CN Banner History追踪一览
>CN Levelling Calculator经验需求计算器

>/ptng/ Secret Societies

>Codes(Redeem in Account settings)
>there's nothing here...
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/digi/ - Digimon General

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Previous: >>446909731


>Digimon Survive official website

>Digimon World -next 0rder- EU version to get JP audio

>-next 0rder- Switch & PC re-release out now

>Lost Evolution translation patch finally released

>Chapter 3-1: "Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action"

>Chapter 3 Trailer

>02 THE BEGINNING early screening on October 5

>02 THE BEGINNING Tokyo Tower collaboration announced

>02 THE BEGINNING teaser trailer

>Digimon Dreamers Ch. 13 (English) available on Web

>BT-15 details

>Seekers BEMemory DIM Pulsemon announced

>Patamon & Gomamon Funkos pre-orders open

>Lifesize Chibimon & Dorumon plushes available again

>EN Reference Book

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/horg/ - Horror Games General

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Thread #027 - Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ada Wong (my wife)'s Separate Ways DLC available on September 21 edition

Welcome to /horg/, the place to discuss anything horror games-related, such as:
- AAA series: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Alan Wake, Alien Isolation, Dying Light, The Evil Within, etc.
- Current indie games and hidden gems: Alisa, Amnesia, Conscript, Darkwood, Faith, Pathologic, Penumbra, Signalis, Soma, Song Of Horror, Tormented Souls, World of Horror, Yume Nikki, etc.
- Retro classics: Alone in the Dark, Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, Parasite Eve, Sweet Home, System Shock, etc.
- Free mods: HL1's Afraid of Monsters and Cry Of Fear, Doom's MyHouse.wad and Total Chaos, fan-made games like Blood: Death Wish, Penumbra: Necrologue, Resident Evil REVisited, stand-alone free games like SCP Containment Breach, etc.

>Horror games lists, guides, and resources:

>Question for the thread:
Which horror movie would best translate to being a video game?

>Quick game recommendations
Cry of Fear, Eternal Darkness, Siren, Pathologic

>Previous threads:
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