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/aceg/ #1035

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Ace Combat General #1035

Flanker edition

Previous Mission:

>/aceg/ Emulation Guide
>Official /aceg/ multiplayer guide
>/aceg/ livery and emblem pack
>Ace Combat 3: A New Translation
>Encyclopedia Strangereal
>New /aceg/ MEGA
>PA Twitter (JP)


Shootout Saturday is back! /aceg/ rooms are open every Sat at 2030 CEST/1430 EDT, with only three rules:
>put on an /aceg/ tag in your name before you boot the game
>in Roca Roja, use only air-to-ground weapons in the tunnel

The modding guide and material are in the open!

Project Wingman:
>Store page
>Skin/texture modding guide
Update never.

Misc Stuff:
>/aceg/ Collage
>/aceg/ Story Archive 2.0
>Razgriz Patch Guy
>Ostrich's Mods
>/aceg/ Assault Records
>ACX / ACJA Online Netplay Guide

>What happened to Sean Ryan (Pixy's actor) after ACZ:

>/aceg/ Permalink:

Because it bears repeating:
>Skill and guts are required here
>Be a buddy, not a border
>All planes are beautiful dreams

>Has the Project Wingman update dropped yet?
It's a long story. (It's bleak)

>Is there any AC8 news yet?

>Has a PS2 trilogy remake been announced yet?
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/cp77g/ - Cyberpunk 2077 General

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/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General #1585

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"Virtual Reality, Real Suffering"
Shipshape Edition

Headset Selection:
Game Recommendations:
VRC Screenshots by World:

>Game Resources
Guides for Avatar and World Dev:
Assetto Corsa:
Dirt Rally 2 club:
Minecraft (Old):
Fallout 4:

>Regularly Hosted Multiplayer Games
EU Pavlov: Tuesday 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)
NA Pavlov: Every other Friday night, watch the thread for exact times
NA Walkabout Minigolf: Sunday around midnight ET, Thursday at 11:30PM ET
SEA/EU Walkabout Minigolf: Saturday at 11PM AEDT/2PM CEST
NA Assetto Corsa: Wednesday at 8PM ET
EU Assetto Corsa: Every other Monday at 18:00 UTC/20:00 CEST
SEA Breachers: Every other Friday 9PM AEDT
EU Contractors: Every other Friday 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CEST

>Regularly Hosted VRChat Events

New threads: >>>/vg/vrg

Old thread: >>478267212

>Upcoming Events
Maid Expo - May 25th
Maid Cafe - June 1st
Mahjong Tournament - June 1st & 2nd
Race War - Early/Mid June
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/omog/ - OMORI General

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Blue Aubrey edition, Thread #1178

Previous thread: >>477971819

>Game Links
Steam Edition
Physical Edition (And Merch)
The console editions (Switch, PSN, XBL, PC Gamepass) have some exclusive content.

>Character Birthdays | Aubrey - May 23

>Fangames, Projects, and Etc (OMARIO fangame) (DOOMORI fangame) (beta & prerelease art) (game dialogue dump) (faraway map) (sprite dump) (Omori Official Walkthrough & Guide Art/Developer Interview & Messages)

>Mods (RPG Maker MV 1.6.2)
Try _omariAU, rainy_mari_mod, omorimodreverie, omori_daydream on Twitter (Console content)

>/omog/ Archive (anon's Universally Loved day-by-day guide) (MEGA archive 2021) (Whiteboard 2021) (OC Fic and Greentext) (/vg/ sings My Time) (/vg/ sings Good Morning) (Thread Template)

Also, if you write or draw anything don't be afraid to post it, don't worry about the quality, just post that shit!
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Playstation Vita General 3888 - Of Luck Edition

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Previous Thread: >>477848365

>Vitagen Website (News, Translations, Guides, Wikis and more)


>Unicorn Overlord Was Originally Planned for PS Vita

>God Wars series sales top 400,000

>Tales of Hearts R delisting

>Ray Gigant has been delisted

>NIS America Releases Being Delisted from PSN

>Jet Set Knights is getting a physical release

>Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Shut Down

>Content Can No Longer Be Transferred Between PS3 and PS Vita

>Update adds new security measures

>Root Letter series shipments and digital sales top 500,000

>Grand Kingdom to be delisted from Store on February 28 in Japan

>Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice to Have Servers Shuttered


>PSN Friends List

Want hacks/homebrew discussion?
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/hsg/ - Hearthstone General

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Big prizes edition!

Patch 29.4 (miniset, balance changes, twist season, bug fixes)
Patch 29.2
Known Issues

>Decklists – deck tier lists (bronze to gold) – meta report – new domain for d0nkey - streamer decks - decks for all modes (wild, twist, etc) – decks, patch notes, news (includes other card games) – decks & news - deck lists from Twitter (Japanese) – meta decks and stats – meta report – decks, news, patch notes

>Deck trackers & statistics – deck tracker - deck tracker – arena helper - arena helper

>Misc. – official website – wiki – tournaments – custom card maker

>helpful links J_Alex' advice on how to sell your old clothes on ebay (/hsg/'s shitty word doc[feel free to edit])

Previously on everybody loves Reno >>477610157
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/eog/ - Etrian Odyssey General

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>Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection:

>Origins Portrait Rips:

>Origins Font Fixes: (EO1) (EO2) (EO3)

>EO3 "Liberating" Mod
PC hair version:
https://pixel drain com/u/AwKKreQ8
Switch hair version:
https://pixel drain com/u/mNu4HEeH
Edited portraits:

>Beginner's Guide to the Series:

>Etrian Odyssey Resources (Mods/Patches, References, Data Dumps, Calculators, QR Codes, Skill Sims, etc.):

>Etrian Odyssey Art Books:

>Etrian Odyssey FLAC Albums:

>Etrian Odyssey Lossy Albums:

>Nexus balance patch mod:!o1cXTSpB!SW5Ad-o8_pKYOa9LcbyiSg

>Document containing some resources and information

Previous thread: >>476398581
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/ink/ - Splatoon General

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/hg/ - Halo General

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/ppg/ - Poppy Playtime General

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