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/exeg/ - Vidya Creepypasta General

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Welcome to the Vidya Creepypasta General. Feel free to discuss video game-based creepypastas and their related content. And most importantly, h̷̰̰̋̈́̆a̴̦͘v̸̧̳̦̔͐e̷̞̜̟̕͝ ̶͇͘f̶̨̓͘ú̴̦̰̓͐ñ̴̜̠̦

ROOM #462 - Jeff Rewrite Edition

>/exeg/arbage Site & Archive

>Video Game Creepypastas & Gaming Urban Legends

>Official 4chan-Approved Creepypasta List

>Creepypasta Games, Web Series/ARGs, SlenderARGs and Fearvlogs

>Old Man Reads Vidya Creepypastas

>/exeg/ Archives

>/exeg/ CyTube
https://cytu dot be/r/exegarbage

>Homemade/found pastas

>Room Template

>Previous Room
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/smtg/ - 真・女神転生 / Shin Megami Tensei General

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>Giten Megami Tensei's new partial translation patch for PC-98

>SMT VV Trophy List

>Vengeance OST scans

>SMT V & Vengeance sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide

>Patch 1.0.2 for Vengeance dropping soon according to SteamDB

>Megaten Fusion Tools [For real fusion autists!]

>Archive of 3DS Texture Packs

>Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2 soundtracks will be available for listening on digital streaming platforms soon

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/mtgag/ - Magic: the Gathering Arena General

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Bloomburrow Spoilers Edition


>Bloomburrow Debut Video:

>Latest News
Bloomburrow spoiler season is in full swing!
Next Mastery Pass Announced. 60 levels, small improvements to Mastery Trees
New starter decks are here! Check your collections for some random rares and some Surveil lands, and say goodbye to Boros Equipment!

>Useful Links

>Free Codes
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/fsg/ - FromSoft General

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LastSoftware: >>485869826


>The main information documents for Elden Ring (/erg/), Dark Souls (/dsg/), Bloodborne (/bbg/), Demon's Souls, Sekiro, King's Field, Armored Core (/acg/) and Spellbound

>Soulslike games like Nioh, Lies of P, Code Vein, Lords of the Fallen, etc...
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/slg/ - Second Life General

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EEP Edition

>What is this?
Second Life is a virtual world MMO with user-generated content, its own in-game economy and currency that can be traded for RL currency, and a large array of lands (sims) that can be independent or interconnected. Customize avatars, sell creations, explore, socialize, (E)RP, attend virtual events like concerts, screenings, meetings, etc..

>>Useful Links:

Create An Account:

Recommended SL Viewers:

Second Life Grid Status:

>>Related SLURLs

Interesting Locations:

Hair Resources: (List of Stores)


>>SL Events

Monthly Event Guide:

>Current Events (End Date)
Second Life Birthday: https://maps.secondlife/SLB%20Impressive/81/148/44
>Monthly Events (End Date)
LEVEL (Jul 24th):
We <3 RP (Jul 28th):
The Mens Department (Jul 31st):

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/fgoalter/ - Fate/Grand Order NA General

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Previous: >>485952225

>[Campaign] Fate/Grand Order 7th Anniversary
2024-07-06 12:00 - 07-16 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] 7th Anniversary Archetype: EARTH Pickup Summon
2024-07-06 12:00 - 07-16 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] Destiny Order Summon
2024-07-06 12:00 - 07-16 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] 7th Anniversary Guaranteed Summon
2024-07-06 12:00 - 07-16 20:59 PDT

>[Campaign] 7th Anniversary Limited Master Missions
2024-07-05 21:00 - 07-16 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] 7th Anniversary Commemorative Limited Servant Daily Pickup Summon
2024-07-09 21:00 - 07-17 20:59 PDT

Join Albert and Michael on July 17th

>[Servant Info]
Servant Material Lookup:
Servant Planner:
Coin Calculator:
Rank Up + Interlude Timeline:
Damage Calculator:

>[Mats/Summoning Info]
Rateups in FGO JP:
Future Materials Spreadsheet:
FGO Event Compendium:
Drop Rates:
Future Quartz:
FGO Raw Database:

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/ink/ - Splatoon General

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/dqg/ - Dragon Quest General

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Welcome to the Dragon Quest General! Everything related to the Dragon Quest series, also known as Dragon Warrior, is discussed here

Play DQX Edition
Last Thread: >>483172338

- Dragon Quest I & II HD-2D Remake has been confirmed for the Switch and will release in 2025.
- Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake has been confirmed for Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Steam, and will release on November 14th.
- Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi and Dragon Quest Champions will end their service in July.
- Dragon Quest Builders is now available on Steam, with all the quality-of-life improvements from the mobile port included.
- Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is now available on Switch.
- Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is now available on PS4/5, Switch, and PC.
- Dragon Quest Treasures, a treasure-hunting RPG featuring Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI, is now available for the Switch and PC.
- Dragon Quest X is available in English via a fan translation. Check DQX Resources for more info.
- Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate has been announced. Details aside from the title are unknown.

/dqg/ Beginner's Guide to Dragon Quest:
Versions to Play/Buy:
DQM3 Resource:
Dragon Quest IX DLC/Treasure Map Searcher:
DQB2 Resources:
DQX Resources:

日本DQ Wiki:
DQ Art, Guide Books, Non-H Doujins:


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/coopg/ - Cooperative Games General

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Trapper Edition

Previously on /coopg/: >>485381176

This general is for cooperative games, titles which need more than one player and requires them to work together to win. Examples include: Helldivers, Vermintide, Darktide, Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic and EDF.

>Latest News/Updates:

/coopg/ dedicated server is up. see thread for more details (ded server)
Ashlands PTB:

Helldivers 2:
PATCH 01.000.404


Crafting rework info

Vermintide 2:
Versus mode soonTM

Deep Rock Galactic:

Remnant 2:
The Forgotten Kingdom DLC released:

Payday 3 (dead game but whatever):
Patch 1.2.0 Boys in Blue(balled)

>Acknowledged but not really discussed
Ready Or Not
Starship Troopers Extermination
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Killing Floor 2
Left 4 Dead 2

>Future games
Killing Floor 3
Den Of Wolves - TBA
EDF 6 Western/PC Release - July 25th
DarkSwarm - TBA
Blight: Survival - TBA
The Forever Winter - TBA

Build planners:
Vermintide 2:
Deep Rock Galactic:
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/tf2g/ - (𒅄) Team Fortress 2 General

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Scout Edition

New Community MvM tour:
Bot hosters are getting banned:
The 7th Comic is getting worked on:

>Official Sites

>Frag With /tf2g/
When: Friday & Saturday Afternoon. Check for posts in the thread or be the one to announce.
tf2g's Official Server: (EU)
Ready Up:
>Other 4chan Servers
Weeabootique: (NA)
Team Funtress: (NA)
Castaway: (NA)
Konata: (EU)

Preview Loadouts & Skins: | |
HUDs: |
Scripting: |
Trading: | | |
Creators Leaks:
tf2g's Guide to Heavy:

News & Events:
Lobbies & Mixes: |

>Previous Thread
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