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/bd2g/ Brown Dust 2 General - #35

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cute cat edition

>Current Events

Catch Twinglutti! Event
September 20th – October 11th

[Neon Savior Angelica – Pick-up Event]
September 20th – October 4th

[Rou / Glacia – Pick-up Event]
September 25th – October 11th


New Update Character Pack 5 - [Rou's Labyrinth]

Costume PV - Neon Savior Angelica

Costume PV - Red Riding Hood Rou

Costume PV - Alice Glacia

[100th Day Appreciation] Special Video


>Official Website

>Beginner Recommendations
Reroll for your favorite 5* waifu, their SR weapon, and multiple UR weapons (particularly Kry and Wiggle URs) for a strong start.

>>>Player Resources

>All Character Costumes

>Food Selling Guide + Slimes and Goblins

>Promo Codes

>Code Redemption Site (for iOS)

>GuitarRock Spreadsheet

>Clint Wulf Community Spreadsheet
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/melty/+/fbg/ - Melty Blood+French Bread General

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A thread for Melty Blood and associated Type Moon properties, Under Night In-Birth, and all the other French Bread Games

/melty/+/fbg/ #94 - Double Barrel edition

Thread Theme:

Kaguya trailer revealed! (
UNI2 will get a presentation at Toyko Game Show on Sept. 21st!
The full remake fan translation is now available! (
Official Localized Tsukihime Remake announced for 2024!
Mahoyo Announced for Steam!
Under Night Ranked Night is on Wednesday, MBTL Ranked Night is on Thursday

>Melty Resources:
Training/Beginner paste:
Download MBAACC community version, and set up: (MBTL Character Guides, updated)
Translated Manga:

>UNI Resources
UNI2 changes (so far) video: [Embed]
Text Change List:

>Upcoming Tournaments/Events
Find JP Events with:
CEOtaku, Sept 22-24
ECT 2023, Oct 20-22

Previous Bread: >>444633323
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/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General #1493

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"Virtual Reality, Real Suffering"
Deckard Soon Edition

Headset Selection:
Game Recommendations:

>Game Resources
Guides for Avatar and World Dev:
Assetto Corsa:
Dirt Rally 2 club:

>Regularly Hosted Multiplayer Games
EU Pavlov: Tuesdays 18:00 UTC (19:00 UTC+1)
NA Pavlov: Every other Friday night, watch the thread for exact times
NA Walkabout Minigolf: Sundays around midnight, Thursdays at 8:30PM ET and 11:30PM ET
SEA/EU Walkabout Minigolf: Saturdays at 11PM AEST / 3PM CET
NA Assetto Corsa: Wednesdays at 8PM ET
EU Assetto Corsa: Every other Monday at 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
Breachers (SEA): Every other Friday 9PM AEST

New threads: >>>/vg/vrg

Old thread: >>447806242

>Upcoming Events
Pokemon Gijinka event - September 30th
Halloween - October 28th
Secret Santa - December
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/rwg/ - Rimworld General

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Thread disclaimer
>Is the DLC worth it?
It depends on your tastes some like it and some don't. You should probably pirate it first to try it out
>Is the Book worth it?
Yes. It's required reading for any game dev/gamer
>Is Dwarf Fortress welcome here?

► Links:
>Where do I buy Tynan's amazing Book?
>New patch notes
>(I'm new, what mods should I get?)
>How do I know which mods eat the most performance?

>Use Rimpy for managing your mods

>Make sure to follow this guide to minimize problems with you mod load orders

(new /rwg/ mods)
(old /rwg/ OP)

CDDA modlist:

Yayo modlist:
►Other /rwg/++ games:

Not DF for sure.

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/gtag/ - grand theft auto general

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Actually made it to a new thread edition

Crew: - PC only.

To join, you have to:
>Set profile to public
>Open friends list
>Go to the crew page and request to join
>Drop your name here

PS4 Community - - PS4 only

>New Players Guide:
>Import/Export Guide:
>Regularly Updated Vehicle Testing:

Previous thread: >>446454535
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/horg/ - Horror Games General

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Thread #027 - Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ada Wong (my wife)'s Separate Ways DLC available on September 21 edition

Welcome to /horg/, the place to discuss anything horror games-related, such as:
- AAA series: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Alan Wake, Alien Isolation, Dying Light, The Evil Within, etc.
- Current indie games and hidden gems: Alisa, Amnesia, Conscript, Darkwood, Faith, Pathologic, Penumbra, Signalis, Soma, Song Of Horror, Tormented Souls, World of Horror, Yume Nikki, etc.
- Retro classics: Alone in the Dark, Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, Parasite Eve, Sweet Home, System Shock, etc.
- Free mods: HL1's Afraid of Monsters and Cry Of Fear, Doom's MyHouse.wad and Total Chaos, fan-made games like Blood: Death Wish, Penumbra: Necrologue, Resident Evil REVisited, stand-alone free games like SCP Containment Breach, etc.

>Horror games lists, guides, and resources:

>Question for the thread:
Which horror movie would best translate to being a video game?

>Quick game recommendations
Cry of Fear, Eternal Darkness, Siren, Pathologic

>Previous threads:
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/pgr/ - Punishing: Gray Raven General #344

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Previous Thread: >>447803510

>Download Links:
(Available on Android, iOS, and PC)

>Current Events & Banners:
Event: Across the Ruined Sea [09/26 - 11/09]
Limited 100% Rate-up Omniframe Banner: S Bianca (Stigmata) [09/27 - 10/25]

>Frames, Weapons, Memories Database:
>Recommended Builds:

>Useful Links:

>/pgr/ Friendlist:
>/pgr/ Guilds:

>/pgr/ OP Pastebin:
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/nepgen/ - Neptunia and Compile Heart General #1826

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Blanc Won

Previous: >>446389404

Upcoming Idea Factory games and release dates:
Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution- PS5, PS4, Switch (EN 2024)

>Hyperdimension Neptunia Downloads (Skins, Artbooks, Manga, Guides, Soundtracks, etc.):

>Folder containing all the 4koma and Nepnokai raws:!shkAGDaK!-X8nObRihU5EqP5Zx8yVMA

>New Neptunia Dolphins link:
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/ddg/ - Dragon's Dogma General

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