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/ddg/ - Dragon's Dogma General

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Vocations Edition

>Steam page:
>First Trailer:
[YouTube] Dragon's Dogma 2 - 1st Trailer (embed)
>Capcom Showcase 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 Bit:
[YouTube] Dragon's Dogma II Full Presentation | Capcom Showcase 2023 (embed)

>Dragon's Dogma 1 OP
Previous cycle: >>440941634
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/doko/ - Games with Lobbies general

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This thread is for online board, card, and social deduction, drawing and etc. games that fill up with lobbies/custom rooms.

Poker Chase:
100% Orange Juice:
Secret Hitler:

>/mjg/ booru:
>/oj/ booru

This OP is a work in progress. Feel free to suggest changes.
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/gbpen/ - BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! EN General #803

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Pink Attention Monsters Edition
Previous thread: >>447234605


Current Event: When the Bakery Lights Dim
Current Gacha: Sound the Whistle of a New Journey Gacha (4* Saaya, Rimi)
Current Event Boost: Happy ft. Popipa

Next Event: My Sunset Engraved in Your Pride of the Heavens
Next Gacha: Ferociously! Roaring Scarlet Fang Gacha (4* Ran, Tsugu)
Next Event Boost: Cool ft. Wafterglo

Database with optimal Team Builder, event cutoff predictions, song chart viewer and simulator, asset explorer and story viewer:
Another database:
EX Mission guide:

Fun Stuff
Favdori sorter:
Favsong sorter:
Tower game recreation:
Gacha simulator:
Dumbdori soundboard and Flappy Ako (hasn't been updated in a long while):
Live Interactions and other translations:
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/2hug/- Touhou General #490

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bling bling edition

Previous Thread: >>445593819

>Upcoming and recent releases
>Touhou 19 Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghosts (OUT NOW)
>TH18.5 100th Black Market
>TH17.5 Gouyoku Ibun + gote update
Dream Logical World
Wonderful Waking World
Hero of Ice Fairy

>Recent official manga
Lotus Eaters
Cheating Detective Satori

>What are these games?
Touhou Project is a series of doujin bullet hell shooting games made by ZUN where cute hags shoot other cute hags

>Overview (NEW PEOPLE READ THIS) (includes FAQ, nutplay guide, training tools and more)

>Where can I get these games? (all in one pack) (separate downloads)

>Support the official releases!上海アリス幻樂団黄昏フロンティア

>What other official Touhou media is there?
>Semi-official web magazine

>Touhou media hoarding guide (fan art, doujin music, etc.)


>/2hug/ high score spreadsheet (feel free to edit)

We're almost at general #666.

/ddlc/ - Doki Doki Literature Club #1603

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Post Birthday Bonanza Edition.

Previous: >>446744773
DDLC Plus:
Steam Page:
Monika's Twitter:

Actual guide to get the "good" end:
Writefag Guide:

>Art and Miscellaneous
Fan-Made Content Pastebin v1:
Fan-Made Content Pastebin v2:
Downloadable Fanfic Archive:
Game Files Dump (full):!omBgAY7a!qbh7FYCcYnjIN7G9bGGDy343CLBCRaOIuiHN8SwPT7k
"Your Reality" sung by (You): [Open] [Embed] [Embed]
Poetry Jam: [Open] [Embed] [Embed]

>Don't blow out the candles yet!
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA): 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 988
International Association for Suicide Prevention (EU):
Lifeline (AU):
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/tsg/ - The Sims General

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>Current TS4 Update and Version Number

>The Repository (/tsg/-made Sims, Lots, and Custom Content)
>TS4DB (An anon curated alternative to The Gallery)
>Yearbook Pastebin

>Guides, FAQs and Game Downloads - [FAQ and Game Downloads] - [TS4 Download] - [Gameplay Guides]

>Mods and Custom Content - [Guide to finding CC] - [CC Essentials/Guide for Sims 3 and 4] - [CC Guide for The Sims 2] - [Sims 4 CC Creators]
>Patreon and Paid CC Downloads

>Previous Thread
>Lewd Thread
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/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General #1491

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"Virtual Reality, Real Suffering"
God of Golf Edition

Headset Selection:
Game Recommendations:

>Game Resources
Guides for Avatar and World Dev:
Assetto Corsa:
Dirt Rally 2 club:

>Regularly Hosted Multiplayer Games
EU Pavlov: Tuesdays 18:00 UTC (19:00 UTC+1)
NA Pavlov: Every other Friday night, watch the thread for exact times
NA Walkabout Minigolf: Sundays around midnight, Thursdays at 8:30PM ET and 11:30PM ET
SEA/EU Walkabout Minigolf: Saturdays at 11PM AEST / 3PM CET
NA Assetto Corsa: Wednesdays at 8PM ET
EU Assetto Corsa: Every other Monday at 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
Breachers (SEA): Every other Friday 9PM AEST

New threads: >>>/vg/vrg

Old thread: >>447144693

>Upcoming Events
Pokemon Gijinka event - September 30th
Halloween - October 28th
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/e7g/ - Epic Seven General

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>New Beginner/Reroll Guide

>Yuppieraids guide
>Rabi folder

Q: Give me one(1) reason not to quit this shit game
A: We can't anymore. It's nyover

>9/21 (Thu) Update

>Increased Rates
Midnight Gala Lilias & Hostess of the Banquet Dro 9/21~10/5
Mort & Ancient Dragon's Legacy Drop Rate Up 9/21~9/28

>Mystic Summon
Urban Shadow Choux

>Outerplane Guilds
>/e7g/ Guilds
Pantsu, Lucklets, Cope, Partyvan, Netori,
>non /e7g/ Guilds

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/psg/ - Project SEKAI General

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Forgot her safety pin edition

>What is Project SEKAI?
Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage! ft. Hatsune Miku is a rhythm game made in collaboration with Crypton Future Media and Sega. It features the 6 main Vocaloids from Crypton, along with a cast of original characters.

There are currently three other versions of Project SEKAI.
Taiwanese and Korean versions are available in their respective regions.
An English version, Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!, is also available.

Sekai Viewer -
Sekai Wiki -

>Current Event
Let's study hard!
Boosted Attribute: Cool
Boosted Members: An, Akito, Tsukasa, Rui, Mizuki

>Current Gacha
Phantom Chaser (Permanent)
An, Rui, Mizuki

>Translated stories
Wonderlands × Showtime:
25-ji, Nightcord de.:

>Translated event stories

>Untranslated card stories

Previous: >>447086687
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Playstation Vita General 3853 - Racing To The Top Edition

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Previous Thread: >>446477393

>Vitagen Website (News, Translations, Guides, Wikis and more)


>NIS America Releases Being Delisted from PSN

>Jet Set Knights is getting a physical release

>Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Shut Down

>Content Can No Longer Be Transferred Between PS3 and PS Vita

>Update adds new security measures

>Root Letter series shipments and digital sales top 500,000

>Grand Kingdom to be delisted from Store on February 28 in Japan

>Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice to Have Servers Shuttered

>Super Zangyura launches June 24 in Japan

>Sony Interactive Entertainment backpedals on decision to close PlayStation Store


>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

Want hacks/homebrew discussion?
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