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/OMG/ OpenMystery General #20.1 - Potion Brewing edition

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This is the place for all sorts of discussion about OpenMystery. Post screenshots, discuss the story, simp your favourite witchfus!



>What is OpenMystery?
OpenMystery is the open-source PC port of H*gwarts M*stery, made in Unity.
It runs similarly to an emulator, and is developed using top-down reverse-engineering methods.
This gives it the advantage of being able to remove all the annoying mobile mechanics from the game since we have complete control of the engine.
It's also able to play new content whenever the base game updates.

>Where can I get OpenMystery?
Here's everything you need to setup and run the game.

>What can OpenMystery play?
OpenMystery is capable of playing the main quest, tlsqs, sqs, quidditch, creature quests, dates and more.

>Is OpenMystery complete?
OpenMystery is constantly updating, with assortments of bug fixes and improvements.
While a bug-free experience isn't guaranteed, you should be able to have fun with it.
Please report any bugs you encounter.

>Is OpenMystery moddable?
Yes, the game supports mods. This is the link to the modding guide.
Here's the link to the moddb page

>Snydebooru - Merula fanart & OpenMystery art-related

>Fanfiction and greentexts
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/asg/ - Alchemy Stars General

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Chase the Light in this Thrilling New Adventure!
A revolutionary line strategy gacha RPG that pushes the genre to new heights!

A Symphony in the Gloaming
Dreamscape S1, Eve: Awakening in the Storm
Dreamscape S2, Irridon/Paloma

COLLAB Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

2nd Anniversary Animation:

>New Aurorians:
Wrath: Proud Fervor, Joselyne:

>Useful resources:
Character information:
JP Tier List:
Community Tier List:
Lost Account Retrieval:

>DMM Launcher guide
>Reroll/Starter guides:
>Collection of in-game CGs, Story Sprites, and Emotes

>Previous Banners

>Autofishing Guide (Emulator):


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/egg/ - Engineering Games General - formerly /svgg/

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space voxel games general edition
Previous thread: >>447156447
This thread is dedicated to all games about building machines and systems, in space or otherwise.

WebM for physicians:

List of commonly discussed /egg/ games:

>Chode - Children of a Dead Earth
>Captain of Industry
>Dyson Sphere Program
>Empyrion - Galactic Survival
>Factory town
>From the Depths
>Kerbal Space Program
>Opus Magnum
>Oxygen not Included
>Scrap Mechanic (update when?)
>Space Engineers
>Starship EVO
>Zachtronics games

The full game list as well as information about these games, such as where to get them if they’re not on steam, trailers, /egg/ conquered/hosted servers, and other shit can be found in this pad:

Games that are not /egg/:
>Hearthstone (learn how to add a “/” to your search)

OP pad for new thread

Reminder: /egg/ has no discord, any discord links posted are from tranny servers.

Current and recent /egg/ hosted servers:

>Satisfactory (private server, ask in thread for IDs)
>Stormworks (currently on standby, ask in thread for details)
>Empyrion - Galactic Survival

All IPs are in the pad for security reasons.
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/snowg/ - Snowbreak: Containment Zone General #58

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PC (Standalone launcher)
Download from main site:
Also on Epic Games Store!

>Current Events
[Sept.21 - Nov.2] "Fogbound Dream" (Lv. 30 required to access)
- Story Chapter 11 release (main story progress not required)
- "Honor's Bounty" - Event shop (Limited banner rolls, SR Kinetic Pistol "Wild West Stinger", orange logistic squad "Akitsu", etc)
- "Into the Unknown Mist" - Event missions/milestones
[Sept.21 - Oct.27] "Pursuing Embers" Incentive Point farm (event curenncy)
[Sept.22 - Oct.9] "Endless Battle" - Co-op wave defense (has own milestones)
[Oct.09 - Oct.16] "Foolish Mayhem" - roguelike challenge mode?
[Oct.12 - Oct.29] "Shrouded City Sweep" - another challenge mode?

[Sept.21 - Oct.12] "New Tracks on Old Paths" - Log-in event (10 limited pulls)
[Sept.21 - Sept.27] Daily memory chips - extra 12 data daily

[?] "Spirited Return" - returnee event

[Sept.21 - Nov.01] Dawnbreak (Battle) Pass + Stinging Rose: Fenny - Coronet outfit (ultimate pass reward)

[Sept.21 - Oct.19] Frostbite Flora: Haru - Absconditus outfit (shop buy)
[Oct.12 - Nov.2] Nimble Hare: Fritia - Hush outfit (shop buy)

>Current Banners (Echo)
[Sept.12- Oct.19] Gladius Within: [Haru - Absconditus] SSR Kinetic/Pistol
[Oct.12- Nov.02] Glimmer in Desolation: [Fritia - Hush] SSR Thermal/AR
[Sept.12- Oct.19] Cataclysm of Steel: [Dragon Pepper] SSR Kinetic Pistol

>Codes (Redeem in [Settings > Other])
[Expires - Unknown]
! Some rewards are shared between codes

/snowg/ Resource Pastebin

>/snowg/ Friends Form:

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Fighting Games General /fgg/

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/sfg/ - Street Fighter General

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>A.K.I. comes out on September 27th

>Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Schedule

>CPT 2023 World Warrior Tournaments Schedule

CPT Online Premier Brazil Top 4 (September 24)
>Winners side
Stunner (Cammy) vs. Namikaze (Dee Jay)
>Losers side
Ronaldinho (Blanka) vs. Keoma (Manon)

>Street Fighter 6 Frame Data:

>SuperCombo Wiki:

>Fighting Game Glossary:

>Footsies Handbook:

>Use Fightcade to play ST, A2, A3, 3S, CVS2, etc:

Last round: >>447700547
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/ddg/ - Dragon's Dogma General

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Vocations Edition

>Steam page:
>First Trailer:
[YouTube] Dragon's Dogma 2 - 1st Trailer (embed)
>Capcom Showcase 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 Bit:
[YouTube] Dragon's Dogma II Full Presentation | Capcom Showcase 2023 (embed)

>Dragon's Dogma 1 OP
Previous cycle: >>440941634
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/twst/ - Twisted Wonderland General

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Twisted Wonderland, a rhythm and turn-based combat game featuring cute boys based on Disney villains, released in March 2020.

Main Story Book 7 Chp 5: 09/08 16:00 JST
Jamil Birthday campaign: 09/12
NRC Masterchef ~Torrential Milk~: 09/15 16:00 JST - 09/28 14:00 JST
Ace Birthday campaign: 09/23
Glorious Masquerade Event Rerun: late Sept

[Campaign] Jamil Birthday SSRs: 09/11 16:00 JST - 09/17 14:59 JST
[Event] SR chef Epel & Leona: 09/15 16:00 JST - 09/28 14:00 JST

>Upcoming Gacha
[Campaign] Ace Birthday SSRs: mid Sept
[Event] SR Master Chef Leona & Epel: mid Sept
[Event] Masquerade SSR Azul, Idia, Malleus and Rollo: late Sept.

>/twst/ pastebin (Please read the FAQ first before posting!)
>TWST wiki
>Official Sites
>Official Twitter Accounts

Translations of recently released content:

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/gsg/ — Grand Strategy General

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No, Vic 3 is not good yet. In fact it never will be.

We don't have an official list of mods or OP image. If anyone posts in the thread about any "official" or not mods or OP images, promising economy fixes or not, be sure it's a shitposter namefag known for organizing raids and shitposting in the thread. They are known for false-flagging. Report and ignore it.

How fares your empire /gsg/?

Random Country Picker

>Archive (mods only)!plMxFYTB!sn9MTrvJ0tYjWSHgM8CZow

>Where to get these games


>>[EU4] - /gsg/ Universalis 1A

>>[HoI3] - Flavormod 1.1.3

>>[V2] - Niggermod

>>[V2] - Historical Project Mod Plus

>>[V2] - Ending Extension Mod

>>[V2] - Unfucked HPM v0.0.0.2

>>[V2] - Crimeamod

>>[V2] - GFM Genocide Enabler Mod

>>[V2] - Napoleon's Legacy v0.3.2

>>[V2] Alternative Flag Pack V11.1

>>[CK2] AARmod (and other AARnon stuff)

>>[V2] Arkometha's NNM edits (use at your own risk, since it's an abandoned mod and there are rumours it contains spyware)

>>Updated Waggle Pastebin (restored!)

>>[CK2] AARmod (and other AARnon stuff)

Previous thread: >>447209618
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Lost Ark General /lag/

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Glaivier Master Class Edition

>Mokoko Kindergarten Ark Pass

>September Patch Notes

>Legendary Skins
Season 1:
Season 2:

>Preppy Skins

>Third Anniversary Showcase

>Jump-Start Server Update

>Jump-Start Log-in Rewards

>Roadmap Part 3

>Twitch Drops

>Server Status
>Current Classes

>Guides & Resources (Class Guides) (Raid Guides) (Horizontal Guides) (Wandering Merchant Locations) (Map) (KR Armory) (KR Forums) (Database) (All Skins)

>Global Chat
Post your name and region here, and hopefully someone online in the chat will relay it. Or make an alt on the server of the chat owner and send a mail saying you want to join and include the name of your main.

NA East: Mail Lerynsere on Una
EU Central: Mail Daddypump on Zinnervale

Last Thread: >>447157283
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