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/gtag/ - Grand Theft Auto General

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/gtag/ Waiting for drip feed edition.

Crew: - PC only.

To join, you have to:
>Set profile to public
>Open friends list
>Go to the crew page and request to join
>Drop your name here

PS4 Community - - PS4 only

>New Players Guide:
>Import/Export Guide: (embed) (embed)
>Regularly Updated Vehicle Testing:
>Vehicle information
>Interactive map

>I want my picture in the cover!
Just follow the theme, post a picture and ask to be added.

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/snowg/ - Snowbreak: Containment Zone General #345

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Enya edition

Version 2.0 trailer: -


Anniversary teaser:

>Snowbreak 2.0 Overview & News

PC (Recommended): Standalone launcher, Steam, EGS
Download from main site:

>Current & Upcoming Events
Main Story Chapter 13 "Suspense in Skytopia" now open. Reach Adjutant level 20 for expedited access
[Jul 11 - Aug 22] Loverush Party - monopoly minigame
[Jul 11 - Aug 22] Star Master - kusoge minigame
[Jul 15 - Jul 29] Defiance of Divinity - boss stages w/ co-op
[Jul 22 - Aug 5] Empyrean Tactics - wave defense
[Jul 25 - Aug 15] Specular Matrix - paradox incentive event
[Aug 1 - Aug 15] Endless Battle - co-op wave defense
[Aug 5 - Aug 19] Hero Games - co-op wave rush
[Aug 8 - Aug 22] Torrent of Fire - co-op tower defense

>Current & Upcoming Banners
[Jul 11 - Aug 8] Lyfe - Infinite Sight | Weapon: Nightborne Crown
[July 11 - August 22] Fantasies of Yore (limited selector banner up to 1.6, same with weapon banner)
[Jul 25 - Aug 22] Fenny - Starshine | Weapon: Heart Hunter
[Aug 1 - Aug 22] Eatchel - The Cub | Weapon: Blitzing Fangs

>Codes (Redeem in [Settings > Other])

>/snowg/ Resource Pastebin

>100 Pity Banner Type Details

>/snowg/ Friends Form:

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/gbfg/ - Granblue Fantasy General #10748

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>Recent News
Extra Drops Campaign (Wind) - (07/08 - 07/15)
Summer Live Stream airs on 07/27

QOL Update: Turn Off Auto Select Button - Live
Earth Militis Weapon Uncaps - Live
QOL Update: Character Awakening Visual Update - Live
Side Story: Kappa Summer Chronicles - 07/16
QOL Update: Skyscope Raids Search - 07/16
QOL Update: 101 Rupie Draws Button - 07/22

Animated PV -

>June Schedule
07/07 - 07/14 Tales of Arcarum (Caim)
07/15 - 07/22 Tower of Babyl (New Layers: 23 & 24)
07/15 - 07/22 False Heroes (Rerun)
07/23 - 07/30 Dread Barrage (Light Favored)
07/31 - 08/07 Story Event

>Future Schedule
09/07 - 09/14 Unite & Fight (Earth Favored)

>How to Start
Go to in any Chromium-based browser

>READ THE FAQ before posting - It will answer most of your questions if you're new or learning

>Helpful links - These links contain useful information like important guides and other stuff
Granblue Fantasy Toolbox -
GBF Advanced Search -
GBF Grid and Teambuilding -
Wiki Advanced Grids -
/gbfg/ Mega Pastebin -
/gbfg/ Crew Directory -

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/mhg/ - Monster Hunter General

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Funny Fatty edition

>I have a question about Monster Hunter!

>MH Wilds
Wilds Info:
Steam page:
New info + Recent trailers:

>MH Rise
Sunbreak TU Info:
Hunter Connect:
Armor Set Search:
Monster Weakness Database:

>MH World
Iceborne Info:
World is now Steam Deck verified!
General Info:

>Older Game Emulation and Multiplayer/Frontier


>Where does /vg/ play?
Post the game, platform, room code, and password (7243/rage)

>/mhg/ OP pastebin (use this when making new threads)

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/gig/ - Genshin Impact General

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>Ignition Teaser: A Name Forged in Flames (EN) (JP)

>Natlan Preview Teaser - Need a Hand? (EN) (JP)

>Version 4.8 "Summertide Scales and Tales" Trailer (EN) (JP)

>Emilie Web Event "Fragrant Fantasy" live until July 15

>Current character banner: Sigewinne, Furina, Gaming, Rosaria, Noelle
>Current weapon banner: Silvershower Heartstrings (Bow), Splendor of Tranquil Waters (Sword)

>Daily check-in rewards (permanent)

>Redeemable Codes (all regions):

>Useful Links (Wiki, Simulators, Maps, Character Builds, /gig/ friendlist, Third-Party Tools, etc.)

/gig/ OP pastebin (use this if making new thread):
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/dbdg/ - Dead By Daylight General

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Blightbot edition

>What is Dead By Daylight?
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer (1v4) horror game where one player takes on the role of the Killer and four players take on the role of the survivors. The survivors objective is to repair generators and escape. The killer's objective is to catch the survivors and sacrifice them.

>8.1.0 | Lara Croft PTB
>8.0.0 | Dungeons & Dragons
>Dungeons and Dragons Chapter Trailer

>Official website:
>Patch Notes:
>DBD Icon Collabs 2019-2022 Download

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/sthg/ - Sonic the Hedgehog General

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Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog General. Here we discuss ALL things Sonic!

/sthg/ #7152 - R.I.P AND T.E.A.R Edition

>SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS - Summer Game Fest Trailer
>SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS confirmed release date is October 25, 2024

>Sonic X Shadow Generations will be getting an animation

>Sonic Rumble - Announce Trailer

>Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has been announced for December 20, 2024:

>IDW Release Dates:
Sonic the Hedgehog 71 - 31 July 2024
Sonic the Hedgehog 72 - 21 August 2024
Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2024 - 11 September
Sonic the Hedgehog 73 - 18 September

>General link compilation:
>Milestone pastebin:
>Sonic Game/Mod Recommendation Spreadsheet:
>Perfect System Collection:
>Sonic comic scans:

/sthg/ booru:
/sthg/ OC info:
/sthg/ cytube:
/sthg/ Pixel World:

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/enlg/ - Enlisted General

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Drrrrrr Drrrrrr Drrrrrr edition.

Enlisted is the best squad-based World War II FPS currently, where you lead your squads of AI to their deaths, over and over.

>Official Site!/

>Enlisted Community Resource


>The roadmap has been updated (Steam release soonish)
A Q&A is being held. "You have until July 10th (13:00 UTC) to post your questions"!/

>Rocket storm Event!/

>Update "Rzhev"!/

>Try out the reworked matchmaking!/

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/skg/ - Senran Kagura General - #1947

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/tfdg/ - The First Descendant General

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The First Descendant is a third-person looter shooter powered by Unreal Engine 5. Become a Descendant. Fight for the survival of humanity.
Descendants have unique abilities to tackle both solo and co-op missions. Up to 4 players use varied mechanics to defeat giant bosses.

Download -
News -
/tfd/ Thread Template
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