Servers are back up after system maintenance April 14. Feb 14-25 still awaits import.

Feature Idea

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Make it so we can create copies of threads in which we can moderate/delete posts. The reason why I'm asking for this is because sometimes I would like to share archived threads, but remove shitposts and NSFW images.
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So what happen to the /bant/ images?

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The /vt/ archive doesn’t seem to be up to date

Removal of posts

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Is it possible to request posts to be removed from this archive?
If so, what do I have to do to have the posts removed?

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When are nerds going archive /cm/?
I'm asking this since Fireden went kaput since late spring and you guys have archived /c/

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Any updates on when Feb 14-25 will be imported into /vp/?

Archive backups

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Is there any chance for you to make a database dump in the internet archive in case this place ever goes down?


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This is now the only usable archive for /pw/. Is there any chance of it going further back for that board at any point? This is all we have now but most of it is missing.