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Is Black Friday actually a thing still? I ask because: from Best Buy to Wal-Mart to Target to Newegg to Amazon to (I could list shit for days, but you get the idea - everywhere you can buy stuff, from online to in-store brick n mortar), everywhere unlocks/opens/makes available their "Black Friday" prices AND the actual sale products anywhere from one day to a week before the actual day. Personally, I have several friends and family who were all chatting today about having their BF shopping already, some had theirs done since this past Monday.
So I ask (and please, present evidence, counter arguments, contrarianism, etc): is Black Friday actually a thing? Like... are there (big, HUGE) businesses that actually wait until the clock rolls over from THUR to FRI midnight and not only drastically drop prices for products already available but rolls out products that were heretofore unseen and for crazy low prices?
(bonus question: this same applies to Cyber Monday..)