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is my CPU overheating?

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Ive been using my PC for a few years now but with games becoming more and more demanding I noticed more frequent crashes and very high temps form my cpu. Its a ryzen 2600x with a vega 56.

My ryzen sometimes goes all the way up to 96°C and is around 60 to high 60s while idling and just using firefox and discord.

The PC also crashes randomly when I do stuff that is demanding and its not a usual crash the entire pc just instantly turns off (i.e. no blue screen or anything) and i have to turn off the powersupply for a few seconds until i can turn it back on.

The cpu cooler should be good enough but I think it takes the hot air from the gpu to cool it which might cause the high temps.

Are the temps alright and the crashes are due to something else like the powersupply or should i turn the cpu cooler to blow in a different direction?