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Spoofing EML File

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The only thing I need to change is one of the names in the file. If I simply change the name in the raw text of the .eml file, is there any way they will be able to tell? I ask because it seems to contain a lot of hashes like message signatures and such, so I'm not sure if they could use that to cross-check the veracity of the message.
t. tech retard

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Recommend me some documentary-type Youtube channels that have a distinct style, à la Jon Bois or Historia Civilis. Pic unrelated

finding anime?

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I distinctly remember there being a recent anime that had this VHS effect on it and everyone hated the VHS effect.

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Hello /wsr/. How would I go about reproducing the muffled, rumbly bass instrument in this song? I mostly just need keywords to search so I can figure out the rest from there, but I'm not really sure about what search terms to use in the first place.

Where is the song sample from?

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Lost track of time and forgot to bump before the thread died.

Sample at 0:06
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"Ah, eto... bleh" this man?

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Could someone please draw this guy into the cute "bleh" pose? No background, just the guy?
And in case you think I wanna use the pic to unfairly mock an innocent, I just wanna have a fun pic of him to share because he was wanted for like three days for this foolish stunt:

About eight hours ago he willingly he gave himself in to the authorities. I hope he's leaned his lesson.


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I'm essentially incapable of forming emotional attachments to people I don't know IRL. I keep opening /soc/ discord threads and getting this impulse to befriend the people there, exhaust their NPC dialogue and then unfriend them, but I'm aware that'd be extremely rude.
Is there a name for this?