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If anyone is interested requesting a drawing or sketch of a female ODST Spartan front and/maybe back view of either pose 1 with a pistol or pose 2 with a rifle with or without colors
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I'm looking for that famous compilation of soviet 6x6's offroading beginning with the infamous clip of a ZIL-131 making a huge wheelstand as it climbs up a slope with lumber on the back to this song
I particularly remember some chains swinging off the front bumper as it landed the front wheels if that helps anyone

Looking for the most autistic thread on /sci/

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I've tried searching for it, but to no avail.
A year or two ago, I made a thread on /sci/ to prove either that relationships don't make sense or that asking women out is senseless as it should develop from friendship. It got 200+ replies with numerous people calling me either an incel or chad, asserting that I'm friends with jannies as it still hasn't been deleted (before it was)
I've delineated the advantages and negatives using
2." (whatever it's called), and recall saying something along the lines of "not like any of it matters since I have my Thinkpad TM (using the trademark symbol)." I also claimed to use Decision & Game Theory

Thanks. It should give you a good laugh too

I am a cavemantard. Please help me get rid of Windows 11 files

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They promised me it would only take up around 4GB and instead it's been dozens of gigs. Then when I saw the update after deleting so many folders to make space(around 60 GB), I immediately switched back.

Unfortunately, I don't have all the space back. It's been several hours perusing the internet and I still don't know how to find or get rid of the Windows 11 files.

Help finding 2016 meme

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I've been trying to find an old meme/artwork but search engines aren't helping and my memory isn't very good.
Anyone have any pictures of wojak walking down a street/past an apartment at night. In the background are different memes, like pepe, apu, spurdo, npc, or honkler, that are doing random things in their homes.
Sorry for retarded description, I'll try to write a better desc of the pic once I come down...

Where can I find a torrent for Terrawell DesignDoll?

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Looking for greentext of WW2 vet talking about stacking bodies in Iwo Jima or some battle against the Japanese and now his grandson jerks off to their cartoons. Also something about "maybe I was too easy on your father". Cannot find it thru Google. Thanks in advance