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PEE stopped working for me, can someone tell me how to fix it? Or at least point me in the right directio?

Math type issue

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Say I have on and off switches which I can set to periodically change their state. I can control these properties of the switches:
Delay - how long it stays off before doing anything else
Duration - how long it stays on
Interval - how long it stays off
All of these can be set from 0.1 to 10 seconds. So, for example, with a delay of 1, duration of 0.5 and interval of 1, for these seconds it will be on (1) or off (0):
Second 0 - 0
Second 0.5 - 0
1 - 1
1.5 - 0
2 - 0
2.5 - 1
3.5 - 0
Here's the issue:
Using multiple of these switches, my goal is to create timer that will end when all of them are off. I believe that even a few of them, you should somehow be able to extend the maximum time of 1 switch (10s) to something much higher, however, I don't know what kind of set up would do it and even if it is possible. Pic related is a desmos graph example, where I want to extend the black region to be as far as possible, though, in that example, interval and duration are identical.

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Looking for a fake trailer that's kinda like this:
but it starts out in a treetop village that gets attacked by a black smoke monster,
then a guy gets knocked down and falls in a lake at the bottom of the tree.
It might be on newgrounds.
Also any other cool fake trailers would be nice.

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What are some worth watching 2000-2009 era anime? Everything is well accepted except for haremshit.

Requesting Meme

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Someone try to turn this image to the meme I will post below. I'll also have the images for the abilities.
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If anyone is interested requesting a drawing or sketch of a female ODST Spartan front and/maybe back view of either pose 1 with a pistol or pose 2 with a rifle with or without colors
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I'm looking for that famous compilation of soviet 6x6's offroading beginning with the infamous clip of a ZIL-131 making a huge wheelstand as it climbs up a slope with lumber on the back to this song
I particularly remember some chains swinging off the front bumper as it landed the front wheels if that helps anyone