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I have seen numerous threads and movies about people buying hookers for their friends parties. I am trying to do this but can’t seem to find where to actually go about doing this. Is it because I live in Washington? Are there laws here that restrict it? Or am I just retarded. Where do you recommend going?

Inb4 “OP is trying to buy them for himself. Fuck of cunts

decode the snowflake

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Could someone redraw this as Galadriel giving the phial to Frodo?
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Pirating a xbox 360

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I haven't used my xbox 360 in a long time and I really wanna play with it again so I thought about pirating but I have no idea how to nor if it's safe
I don't really wanna contact any company cause pirating is theoretically ilegal so I'm on my own and YouTube tutorials don't really help, I'm also pretty scared of damaging my console
>Inb4 go to /g/
The whole board is Americans pissing on Eurofags and vice versa
Any advice on how to do it without fucking something up?
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I need someone using Safari on an iPhone to take a screenshot of this thread and post it here, please.

The more the better.

Can you guys help me make topics for my death video?

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I do not plan on killing myself, but recently I have been felling this shit energy around me and if I die I want to have this cool as video to play at my funeral

>here's some topics I think I will talk about
>ways that I think I died
>my favorite games
>my football team(very long segment I love Inter)
>my dad, grandpa and son??(don't have one yet)
>I want to find a way to fix the situation where one of my friends tried to cuck another, maybe my funeral will make them emotional
>how I want my belongings to be split
>my favorite books
>how much I hate consumer culture, social media and virtue signaling
>my love for music
>internet culture but not in a gay way, just want to talk how this shit shaped me up and some funny things

What topic do you guys think would be cool for me to talk about in my funeral ? If it was your video, what would you say?

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I'm looking for a webm I have seen in /wsg/ hypeborea threads about moomin. Where pic related is talking to some moomin about coming back when spring comes and there were some svastikas.

Need it with sound