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Does anyone know where this particular gif is from?

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Is there a full version of this? If so does anyone have it? Because the one I have just cuts to gay black guys.

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Can someone patch and align these pics i scanned together?
They are large, over 20mb each, i am not concerned about the file size of the finished products afterwards.

I have one more but it might not be blueboard friendly.

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A key trait of Machiavellianism is a sociopathic desire to manipulate the weak and vulnerable.

But are there any studies that document backwards forms of Machiavellianism that revolve around a sociopathic desire to manipulate the strong and confident?

pic unrelated

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Source of this?
What's the context?
What's her name?
More of her?
How does she look now?
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Requesting a link to an old YouTube playlist titled something along the lines of "just some tricks" that showcasing some of the references and workings of the homoglobo jew elites. Can't find it with direct searching and I think it may actually been removed.

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Could someone do a Fallout VATS meme out of this with 100% on the headshot?

Alex Jones beep boop song. 135bpm. What is it?

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Ayo guys whats that Alex Jones bumper music with the beeps and boops? Sounds like it was produced in like the 90s or early 2000s. Fast tempo. About 135bpm. Can't find it anywhere but I'm sure it's a somewhat popular song. Trying to make a meme. Thx.

GPU doesnt work?

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I bought a used 8800 GTX online and it's not displaying a picture.

At first I hooked it up with only one power cord and it made a horrible beeping sound like a fire alarm.
Plugged two. There's no noise and the fan seems to be spinning but there's also no image.
What is there to be done?
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