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Requesting source for webm. Caption is most likely a troll.
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I'm looking for a modern gen cell phone that has a Micro SD slot. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Torrent Download Programs?

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What are the best programs to use for downloading torrents to avoid cease and desist orders and/or other potential consequences? Be they the downloading program itself, VPNs, or something else, and why?
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Journalist Avatars

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a few days ago i was reading an old article about torrenting i think. saw this profile picture attached which interested me, reverse image searched it to find multiple articles on different websites with similar images that seem to be made from some avatar maker given the layout and repetition of assets.
anyone know what client was used to make this?

Windows XP x64

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Recommend cool software and games for the 64-bit Windows XP.

Like good flash games, animations etc.

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Does anyone have the reaction image of Yin from darker than black siting behind a bottle of alcohol looking depressed

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I'm tring to find the name of the song. Can somebody give me a hand?
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post miku doll

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post miku doll
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Does anyone have that list of "Reddit" words and phrases that used to get posted on /qa/?
It was literally just a 50+ line greentexted list with things like
>biblically accurate angels
>earthbound-inspired rpg
>city pop
>analog horror
>Mandela effect