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Making memes

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please post an image, you may ask for a specific meme, or not, and i will make a shitty meme out of it and post it back in the thread.

Soul Calibur music

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Can anyone tell me what specific kind of equipment/samples might've been used to make the soundtrack for Soul Calibur 2/3?

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anyone have this webm with sound or a link to it?
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Chances increasing formular

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So I want to make a program that calculates the chances of winning something with 3 strikes. The chance increases as you progress, but I cant think of a suitable formula.
Basically a Bernoulli trial formular, but the odds increase.
Im kinda stuck.
As an example:
Say we have 20 fields, 5 are wins and the others are loses. Now, we have a 25% chance.
We pick a wrong field, and its wrong.
Next time, we have 19 fields and 5 are wins.
Now, the chance is different, and same goes for the next.
How can I get a formular that allows me to calculate the chance, accounting for the 3 strikes and increasing chances?

Finding Old Fanart

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Do you guys have any tips for finding old art? Like really old, 2000's art?

AI Writing Programs?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about words created by a computer? What programs or sites would you suggest for someone looking to create fiction with AI, be it science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, romance, etc.? Is there anything worth checking out?
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I'm looking for a Japanese (I think) commercial I saw posted on /gif/ or /wsg/. It might have been from the 90's give or take, and it featured dancing clowns that were lip-syncing to a song that sounded sort of like a Japanese rip off of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation". The commercial might have been for cameras, but I don't recall that either.