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who is this guy? whats his internet name / profile?

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i saw him on a webm and then again on a video about the spanish civil war

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this blocks youtube ads for me but not my sister on her laptop, why is that?
yes it is enabled and I uninstalled and reinstalled unlock on her browser
we both use chrome

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I need the big brain nigga image
I forget what he's called but it's the one where it explains how he invented white people
I just can't find it

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Requesting source for webm. Caption is most likely a troll.
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JavaScript Programming Request

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I'm looking for a Tampermonkey script that will automatically hide threads on 4chan that contain certain keywords. I should be able to edit these keywords in the Tampermonkey script.

Website request

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Is there any website that is like MS Paint in that its an image editor, but specifically ‘mixes’ colours when added on top of another as would paint IRL?
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