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Looking for a 1080p version of Lego Elves from netflix.
The torrents on rarbg/1337/eztv are all dead.

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How do I text a US number from the UK?
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If any of you is free right now, can you do a mensa iq test with shit result? Like 60 iq or something, i tried doing it quickly but they don't show your result if it's too low.

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Can someone link me to a good place to pirate XCOM 2? Everything I've found has either been nonfunctional or a virus.

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Anyone know how to add a banner ad to the bottom of an app with a scrollview function using android studio? I'm trying to create an adapter for my adView but I'm not familiar with how to create an adapter class for adView. Does anyone how its done for the latest version? I can't find any update solution online.

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Can someone in laymen terms explain to me what .inflate() and .builder() mean in java and why they're needed? All of these functions seem so unneccasry to me, why can't the machine do all of these functions.

Sci-fi manga/anime recs

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What are some good Sci-fi manga/anime with in-depth world building or systems/features of any sort and on a great scale story-wise? Mecha or even fantasy is allowed, but traditional sci-fi is preferred. I'll use Eden it's an endless world and Battle Angel Alita as examples of what's right up my alley.

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What was that Hitler quote about debating Jews and how even if you unequivocally won they'd just come back the next day acting like the argument never even happened?
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Help me remove blogs from my Tumblr account.

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If you have used Tumblr, you'll know that for almost every account there's a section called "Blogs like this one".
I use tumblr to post art and share pictures of my favourite otp, I have never been in a political discussion there, but for some reason in my "blogs like this one" section there are political accounts that have nothing to do with mine. How do I remove them? Is there a way? I jacked in every corner of "manage account" setting and could not do anything.