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i'm looking for one of those looney tunes scenes, where someone shoots at someone else, and they leave an outline of them on the wall

basically all the bullets miss, but the bullets leave an outline of the character being shot at on the wall behind, in a usually comical position

i tried every single fucking search keyword, i can't, i need just one instance of this, the funnier the better but anything please, thanks

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I'm looking for a specific Mr. Sub commercial and can't find it anywhere. There's a guy that asks if they have green olives, and when the employee says yes he says "Wickeeeed". He also has his thumbs through his pant loops like pic related and points as he says it.
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Is there a term for this kind of image? Close ups of a characters neck + face, but not showing the eyes. I like it. Feels mysterious.

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whenever i try to play a game in fullscreen or in a window over 720p the image will crop off in a weird way and show on only 2/3 of my screen and the rest is black. what do?

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Anyone know what manga this is?