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EU4+DLC torrent help

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So I have a torrent of EU4 and the DLC. I've set it to not connect to the internet. When I click on it, it downloads a 7-Zip installer? What do I do next?
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Elfenlied music box arrangement by Hugo Wolf

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Hello, can someone make a music box arrangement of the actual Elfenlied by Hugo Wolf, because this is what the music box in the manga called Elfenlied is actually supposed to play instead of Lilium, which plays in the anime.

Here is a link to the song with sheet music:
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Does anyone have this Cool Spot webm? It was a showcase of the camera being jerky. b4k doesn't have it archived and the old fireden archive never works for me anymore.
Link just in case it helps:

Sentence to paragraph

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I have a problem and seeks advise
I have a couple of sentences like:
>People sitting at the beach.
>The sun over a beach.
>A group of people is having a party.
>A table with lots of food.
what I would like is to make a paragraph out of this sentences like:
>People sitting at the beach with the sun over them having a party with lots of food on a table

what is the name of this problem?

so far I have tried with a sumarization model, but it basically only added comas between the sentences...
have also looked into visual story telling, but most for most of the works in that field their main focus is the generation of the sentences which I already have
also any board for this?
/g/ doesnt seem to be a ml board...
any help appreciated!

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Does anyone have any idea what those two letters are at the beginning?

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what game or show is this image from?

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looking for twitter screencap of "getting frustrated because white people can say nigger in they head" preferably the one with the chad and basedjack black guy crying. Also an hd version of "you should kill yourself now" lightning guy. thanks

Manga Recommendations

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I wanna get more into manga instead of only anime. Any must-read suggestions? Any must-read obscure ones? All genres and ratings are acceptable for me. I happen to really like the creator, Nagabe, for example. His manga are whimsical and cute. Anything like his stuff, maybe? I also really enjoy Kōsuke Fujishima's artstyle and stories.
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