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VM Torrent Safety Question

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If I have a Virtual Machine on my NAS that's running Deluge+NordVPN, I'm safe from my ISP/Bad guys knowing I'm pirating, correct?

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I need help finding old anime. I think some were on Toonami.

The first one was about a guy with a gun that each he fired bullet takes a piece of his life. It was in space I think? may fought a tree looking dude at the end and he had one bullet left.

The second, a boy how had a mother was from a race of people with wings. I only remember the boy fell off a balcony and his mother flew down to rescue him in front of a group of normal people.

The last one, the one episode I saw was a dude tried to sell fish. a woman helps because he was doing such a bad job at it. At the end of the day, the woman reveals that it was her last day be for she prostitute to help her husband pay off his debts. Her husband was to take a job as a body guard, but he was training a beetle to fight other beetles like a cockfight instead.


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Banda,seré directo se que hay muchos estafadores que estafan bancos por medios de links. Y sinceramente estoy harto del trabajo mal pagado y me gustaría que ustedes me ayudaran. A darme el conocimiento pa' empezar:c

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What's a good video game(s) to play while listening to podcasts, music, and the like? Preferably something that doesn't require much brain power.
I hear those truck driving games are good for this, but I'm wondering if there are any others.

Manga source?

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I am requesting /x/ material on Devil:
>induction (into one's life) (step by step procedures are wanted as well)
>how to wear the devil
>how to live with the devil

yes i wanna know

Windows 2000 desktop gif with animated waterfall wallpaper

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Does anyone have the full gif for thumbnail related? I can't find it in the archives, and Google and Yandex only give me the full animated wallpaper, not the version with the Windows 2000 UI.
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What is this supposed to be?

EU4+DLC torrent help

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So I have a torrent of EU4 and the DLC. I've set it to not connect to the internet. When I click on it, it downloads a 7-Zip installer? What do I do next?
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