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Can you motivate me to stop shitposting and work on my exam on thursday?

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What do you call this style of music? Techno metal?

Anyone know of any bands with a similar sound?

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Would someone be able to refine this image?. It's meant to be a cat wearing a fencing mask whilst also showing the 3 blade disciplines. Please and thank you

Looking for asian animated music video circa 2006-2009

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When I was a kid, around 4th grade, there was a 2d animated video that was for an asian techno pop band. I'm gonna assume it wasn't Japanese or from a mainstream studio, as the art style was more stylized. It was about a kid who was drawn very chubby/fat (which I believe is a stylistic choice as the other humans were drawn the same) who gets thrown into a big epherial adventure within a surreal world. He gets flown through creative imagery, and even rapidly de ages into a baby. The music video ends with him getting beaten hard by a horde of other humans

Make Windows 10 Even Faster

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Looking for a specific video guide on speeding up Windows 10. Scottish guy doing the voice-over, might have been named "Ross", not sure. He false starts at the beginning, and then tries again. Black desktop background, chiptune music playing over the video.

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Been trying to recall an anime I watched years ago based off of one scene. A girl makes an escape through an elevator or ship of some sort and a slime monster starts crawling through the floor vents. Any ideas what this series is?

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Anyone has the clip of these bullies breaking things and recording themselves with a camera, and one of them says somethig like "filming ourselves breaking the law is the best idea we've had"?

Sentence to paragraph

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I have a problem and seeks advise
I have a couple of sentences like:
>People sitting at the beach.
>The sun over a beach.
>A group of people is having a party.
>A table with lots of food.
what I would like is to make a paragraph out of this sentences like:
>People sitting at the beach with the sun over them having a party with lots of food on a table

what is the name of this problem?

so far I have tried with a sumarization model, but it basically only added comas between the sentences...
have also looked into visual story telling, but most for most of the works in that field their main focus is the generation of the sentences which I already have
also any board for this?
/g/ doesnt seem to be a ml board...
any help appreciated!

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Does anyone have the Switch emulator infographics? it lists emulator sites, places to get roms, etc