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Windows 2000 desktop gif with animated waterfall wallpaper

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Does anyone have the full gif for thumbnail related? I can't find it in the archives, and Google and Yandex only give me the full animated wallpaper, not the version with the Windows 2000 UI.
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I'm looking for a modern gen cell phone that has a Micro SD slot. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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No Captcha on Green Boards

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Hello. Whenever I want to type a post on green boards (/e/, /u/, etc) the captcha box gives me this message. My 4chan X is up to date. I have no problems getting captcha on blue boards. The hell is going on?

Wise tree meme

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Is there an original of this wise tree somewhere? I've only seen the low quality full version but can't find anything else. I need to find the origins of this masterpiece

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Could someone do a Fallout VATS meme out of this with 100% on the headshot?

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I'm tring to find the name of the song. Can somebody give me a hand?
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Could someone redraw this as Galadriel giving the phial to Frodo?
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Where can I find a torrent for Terrawell DesignDoll?

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Ryza 'buy my game' image

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Hey all,
I'm looking for a POV image like this of Ryza looking at the viewer, who has their hands on her thighs. She's basically telling him to buy her game for a long squeeze or something like that.

Had the image a while ago but must have deleted it in a folder at some point.