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Lost movie - Any clue?

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A little bit of info:
When I was 12 (about 2005) my brother started bringing these obscure independent shitty horror movies from cons he attended. Me being an edgy 12 year old I always watched them with him. Out of all the dime a dozen gore fests I watched, one of them has floated in the back of the mind.

Shit we watched

The movie:
>Guy and his girlfriend go to cabin to study a satanic old book (ripping on Evil Dead)
>Dude looks like guy from 9th Gate, girl was generic sexy girl character.
>Redneck guy takes notice and summons his group of hillbillies to attack couple at the cabin.
>Rednecks all look like the same stereotype but leader is a knock off Mickey Knox with ponytail.
>They rape and kill the girl.
>Dude comes back, becomes enraged.
>Uses book to summon dark powers, long shot of him repeating passages staring into camera images flickering on his eyes and windows, thunder breaks and tree limb flies through window ending sequence.
>He hunts the rednecks down and kills them brutally in a chase sequence.
>The leader is killed in front of the cabin (now burning).

Does anyone remember this movie? I'm hoping to find it. I've searched countless gore horror indie sites and lists but can't find it.

do any of u guys have the full image?

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"Relaxing" or "gentle" classical music collections?

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I want a torrent or something of some gentler classical music to use for doing school work and whatnot. Anybody have what I'm looking for?
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Can a crafty anon make a mashup/merge of these two photos? Ya know, combine the two faces of this cat and black gentleman for a funny effect.

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so i made this track before and i sampled the piano but i forgot where it's from, and i know it's from an anime tho and most likely the ending or some, but can someone tell me where is the piano from in this track?

Where to find this mod?

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I know the character is Cassie by theycallhimcake, but I'm (obviously) not able to find her on the Steam Workshop from what I see, nor gamebanana.
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help me
Why is my LibreOffice Writer like this?
I want it to be just one page per page
help me

>inb4 why are you using LibreOfiice Writer

Who's this streamer?

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None of the re-uploads of the clip give their username.
Are they alright? The original version I saw was too low quality to see they were breaking down, and I thought they were laughing along at first.
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Does anyone know the name of the artist behind this piece?
Its been reposted and re-edited along the internet for at least 10 years, Is this the original version even?
Someone posted it on reddit around 2013 and then i got to a dead end, reverse image search gets me only edits

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