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Sleep Ambience

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I recently found out I quite like to play ambient sounds over my speakers while I sleep, but virtually everything I can find on youtube may as well be a loop. What I'm looking for is sleep ambience with some complexity or progression to it -- Something with a degree of variety, or better yet, something which transitions from night sounds, like cold wind and crickets, to morning sounds, like birdsongs. Doesn't have to be a yt video, either.

How to master the English language?

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I am an ESL (C1 level) who is looking to improve his English in order to:
>be able to write well, generally.
>be able to write blogs, articles, novels, non-fiction.
>have clear, standard American pronunciation.
>Have a thorough knowledge of English grammar (A1 to C2).
>Broaden my vocabulary extensively.
How to do it?

Color request

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Can someone please color these? Also preferably removing stuff like borders and background characters so it's just Flannery in the two stages. I'd do that but I'm only decent with MSPaint.
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Request: Home Schooling Resources

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What do you use? What do you recommend? My baby is being born soon and I plan on getting the jump on this early. No public aka government school is not an option and no I'm not going to pay for a private school. It's a waste of time and propaganda.

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whos this? bad quality just from a steam profile

Pizzahut Coupon

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Does anyone have coupons for pizzahut that they can share? I'm in Canada. Thank you in advance.
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Of what benefit, do you think, will these books be for me?
Of what benefit, do you think, will these books be to me?

And why?