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whenever i try to play a game in fullscreen or in a window over 720p the image will crop off in a weird way and show on only 2/3 of my screen and the rest is black. what do?

Dead USB

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Hey /wsr/, I'm in need of some help and you good folk are my last hope

My USB stick no longer works properly It's no longer being detected by Windows. When I plug it in, I get a notification saying Windows has detected a problem with the drive, then shortly after it just disconnects saying it malfunctioned. Sometimes when it does this I can view files for a brief 2 seconds before it disconnects again

In another laptop, it disconnects other devices when I plug it in, then says it's an unknown device, the device descriptor failed

The final laptop shows the USB in File Explorer and Disk Management, but with no capacity/no media respectively and as inaccessible.

Are there any tips or tricks I could try to even get the drive back momentarily? Any ideas or suggestions? I'd even welcome a way just to view a list of files and folders that were on the drive without necessarily being able to see the files themselves.

I've tried >>>/g/sqt, Google and even manufacturers support. Plz help
>inb4 keep backups lol
Yes, I usually do try to, but in this specific instance I did not. I was hoping to back up the drive in a week or two and then this happened ;_;
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What are some worth watching 2000-2009 era anime? Everything is well accepted except for haremshit.

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Anyone know what manga this is?

No Captcha on Green Boards

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Hello. Whenever I want to type a post on green boards (/e/, /u/, etc) the captcha box gives me this message. My 4chan X is up to date. I have no problems getting captcha on blue boards. The hell is going on?

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I am requesting /x/ material on Devil:
>induction (into one's life) (step by step procedures are wanted as well)
>how to wear the devil
>how to live with the devil

yes i wanna know

Windows 2000 desktop gif with animated waterfall wallpaper

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Does anyone have the full gif for thumbnail related? I can't find it in the archives, and Google and Yandex only give me the full animated wallpaper, not the version with the Windows 2000 UI.
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