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What's the tool people use to generate these images?
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I work in a distribution centre. Found that written on a box. Can anyone translate?

Manga/Anime Recommendation Thread

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>1. Post your three personal favorite manga (or anime)
>2. Give someone else a recommendation
Picrel is mine.


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Where in 2022 where can I find the steps to making custom songs?

>t. would prefer just 1 stop shop to download what songs I wanted, already pre-made. I know there used to be a website for that. Or full torrent to someone's collection. I'm not picky.

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Can someone find the full image?

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Is there anyway to make 4chanx notify you when a thread is made on a specific board containing certain key words

Making memes

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please post an image, you may ask for a specific meme, or not, and i will make a shitty meme out of it and post it back in the thread.

Soul Calibur music

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Can anyone tell me what specific kind of equipment/samples might've been used to make the soundtrack for Soul Calibur 2/3?