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I turned 23 today

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I feel like I haven't done shit with my life and that I'm wasting my youth by the second.

Anyway, post your 23rd wallpaper.
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Phone / Mobile / Vertical Papes

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Phone / Mobile / Vertical Papes

Preferably a semi-minimalist nature, however - any papes are good as long as theyre not super low res.
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Infographic wallpaper

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I trying to find a WW2 film starterpack that I found here a while ago
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OLED papes

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Finally got myself a phone with an OLED screen and I've been eager to try different #000 mobile backgrounds. I only have a few and I'll post 'em here.
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assumptions thread

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post a picture of your desktop and make assumptions about other anons desktops
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Distro Wallpapers
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Gold wallpapers (precious metals enjoyer)

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rules: no crypto, just gold.
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Vent thread

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What's up bros.

In a weird place right now. About 8-9 months ago, I decided to end a long-term relationship with a beautiful and loving woman. I was feeling pretty depressed and generally just lost. I could feel my general resentment seeping into our relationship and I was sabotaging what we had built. Anyway last winter school was going rough and I was feeling pretty lonely and depressed and I didn't see things really turning around for me. I became suicidal and drank heavily. I got the itch in the back of my head that I needed to end my relationship.
Nothing was really specifically wrong with her, she's always been a very kind and generous partner. She's a gorgeous woman and I always felt very lucky to have her. But I could feel our relationship slowly sucking the life out of both of us, largely because of my mental health. She begged me to go to a therapist but I had become hopeless and refused. Anyway, to save any scrap of respect we had for each other, I broke it off with her. She was a wreck for months. She loved me very deeply and I think I really broke her heart. I mean, I broke mine too, but part of me was too numb to really feel it.

Anyway, fast forward. I started going to therapy about 4 months ago and things have turned around dramatically. I now have much more hope for my future and I'm not nearly as depressed. I haven't stopped drinking totally but I certainly drink much less than I used to and I'm more in control when I do drink. In general things have gotten much better for me. I've really been working hard on healing, to the point where I feel like I could manage a relationship now.

Unfortunately, I went back to her the other day to see if she felt. She's moved on. She has a new dude and, while she says she still cares about me, she says I hurt her too much to want to rejoin in a relationship.


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It's that time of year again, the grocery store by my house already has Halloween candy out. Let's have a thread for pumpkins, spooky skeletons, ghosts, and autumn harvest festivals!
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Post anything that looks dystopian, desolate or with a similar aesthetic
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