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My dad is dying.

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I just walked in on him crying alone in the living room, talking about giving away his dogs because he "can't take care of them the way they need". He's scheduling a double foot amputation from two diabetic ulcers today with the help of his caretaker. He went blind in December from giant temporal arteritis, an unlikely complication of diabetes for a man almost 60 years old. After an ultrasound last week, they told him his kidneys are failing too.

If you guys have any advice, please let me know. I don't know how to help him find peace.

also: concrete, trains, adventure, nord-theme, asceticism, piousness

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She's so talented, don't you think? I just love her. She's so sexy.
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OC Thread

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Post pictures you took. Amateurs, professionals, anybody in between. All are welcome here.

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Post a wallpaper and say what's on your mind

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All are welcome here.

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Film/Movie Still Wallpaper

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Would love to see more like this
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Old 3D videogame maps

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bonus points for Spyro, also preferred to not have characters in it but not necessary
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Make it green
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Your dream home

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Or at least, a home that you admire greatly enough to live in one day.
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Vintage promotional photos of cars in their stock configuration. (90s preferred) Love this shit.
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Desktop Thread

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>no desktop thread
To the rescue!
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