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Jorge Luis Borges

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Inspired by another anon making reference to him, let's have a thread of wallpapers related to one of the greatest writers who ever lived: Jorge Luis Borges. Will post a few I've got.

First up, the Library of Babel.
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I'm feeling pretty belligerent, so Imma start an Orange thread.
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4chan Cup

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The 2022 Autumn Babby approaches, and /wg/ FC management is here today bringing /wg/ fans and supporters a new poll.

>What the fuck are you talking about
4chan has a site-wide football/soccer tournament every 3 months for like 1000-2000 live viewers played on Pro Evolution Soccer, AI vs AI, with teams representing each board. Players are named after things on the board, and they all have really heavy aesthetic modding to, in our case, look like wallpapers playing on the field.

This poll helps the managers incorporate your opinions and ideas into the team.
The anonymous poll:

Also, you can voice any suggestions or questions in this thread.
The cup kicks off October 21.

Also, this thread is for 4chan and Cup-related wallpapers.
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Witchy wallpapers

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Looking for any all types witchy wallpapers
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warhammer paintings thread 40k/fantasy

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40k thread is full. needs more john blanche and big ass paintings in general. gimme some gudshit
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Cant find backround

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Iv seen multiple people with this background, but i don't know where to find it, and would like to download a higher quality image of the same.

Cryptozoology Wallpapers

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Post thy creeps!

Focus on Urban Legends and Cryptids pls
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Funny simplistic minimalistic wallpaper to light up our mood on a rainy day
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Food Wallpapers

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Real places that look like they would be in an anime or a game
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