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Looking for something similar, thank you.
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Red Wallpapers

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Red is my favorite color, post anything you like, but in red or with red highlights
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Coloful ai generated and ladies...

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here's a few i generated. i'm thinking there's way more talented people out there ready to show off their papes.
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Beavis and Butt-head Wallpaper Thread
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shit papes

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post the worst wallpaper you have
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Motorsport Thread

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Any and all motorsport vehicles.
Formula One, Formula E, Nascar, IndyCar, IMSA, WEC, etc

NO civilian cars unless modified to a LEGAL racing configuration (Touring cars, World Rally Championship, etc)
NO street racing cars.
Nothing drift related, we reduce tyre wear here.
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Post Noir wallpapers
preferably phone friendly
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Books and Library papes

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Hi, I'm trying to get some new cozy/library vibes wallpapers! Pretty open to anything within that category. I've got a couple I'll post here to get it started, hopefully there are some others out here with some!!
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Jorge Luis Borges

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Inspired by another anon making reference to him, let's have a thread of wallpapers related to one of the greatest writers who ever lived: Jorge Luis Borges. Will post a few I've got.

First up, the Library of Babel.
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I'm feeling pretty belligerent, so Imma start an Orange thread.
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