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High Quality General

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Looking for some high quality papes. preferably 16:9 but must be 1440p or higher.
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softcore edgelord Wallpapers only. Weird is better than offensive.
No /pol, no antifa and no coom please.
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Make Money Thread

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Post wp that allow you to make money, serve, support, invest, be thankful, satisfy and compensate!

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Muslim / Islamic designs, and other related brown people papes. Hate, love, whatever, just post good images.
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Old Wallpapers

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Post old wallpapers here, preferably late 90's, early 2000's. Doesn't have to be "y2k" aesthetic necessarily, there's already a thread for that. Most of these will be low resolution.
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ITT: upscaled, modified, or expanded upon papes (either by you or someone else)

Custom wallpaper tiles are welcome.
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DPRK wallpapers

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Post papes from Democratic People's Republic of Korea

redscared idiots BTFO >>>/pol/
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Metalheart wallpapers

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Looking for that "futuristic" vibe found only in 2000s cgi art
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New Star Wars because May the 4th
>tfw you'll never study with Snips
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Nighttime out on the ocean

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Pics of nighttime while out on the ocean, preferably in colder climates. Sort of cozy in their unfriendliness and foreignness.
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