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No Face / Lewd Females

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Looking for more papes in this style.
Lewd, preferably.
Hidden faces, or abstract etc.

2D drawn, real women, whatever you got. The more "artsy" the better.
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Regular or political Flags

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Post any Wallpapers of regular or political flags especially european.
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Wallpaper Patterns

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post nostalgic wallpapers. preferably 2000's era.
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Coniferous forest/swamp/mountains

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Post what ever you want as long as it's Green

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Midjourney/AI requests: Papes edition

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Let's make some papes friends.

>Creative or literal
>Ratio (default will be 16:9 or 9:16 if not specificied)
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iOS "depth" effect compatible wallpaper

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looking for better ones, pic is OC
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Pictures you took yourself thread