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Legend of Zelda thread. Bonus points for 4K papes.
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Its weird to not see a gondola thread here. Let's post some papes from our good old guy.
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Liminal Spaces like this

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4K Wallpapers

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Post whatever you got as long as its 4K
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Literary Wallpapers

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Post your favorite Book Covers or High quality images related to Literature.

I've recently gotten into a habit of using these Wallpapers based off the book I'm currently reading. Having them on my Phone and PC looks really cool and also serves as a reminder to not waste my time on other shit while I could've been spending my time doing something resourceful like Reading.
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Something like this

White Wallpapers

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Any wallpaper, in landscape or portrait orientation, as long as it's predominantly white in colour
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Adeptus Mechanicus wallpapers please
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Jurassic Park / Jurassic World

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Anything from Jurassic Park/World. Random pictures of dinos also welcome.
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No Face / Lewd Females

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Looking for more papes in this style.
Lewd, preferably.
Hidden faces, or abstract etc.

2D drawn, real women, whatever you got. The more "artsy" the better.
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