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SFW furry papes

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Furry wallpaper thread
(SFW only as to comply with >>>/global/rules/3, which forbids Anthropomorphic "furry" pornography)
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black and white

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Post black and white wallpapers.
More papes like this is appreciated.
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Wallpapers that you made

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I never shared my photos before today, but I made this for an anon who lost his grandpa with a shot I made in Istambul circa 2015.
Share papes that you made, brothers.
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Any time but now

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Historical and futuristic papes. Anything that clearly does not depict the present.
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Vintage Wallpapers

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Post your wallpapers based on cool old/vintage stuff (1970's-2000's)
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Posting my top tier 'Cowboy' wallpapers. Not many, would love to see some contributions. Combed over pretty heavily to get the best stuff, so quality is appreciated.
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Been drawn into pixel art latel, post your best wallpapers preferably 1920x1080

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girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me

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post wallpapes to soothe my sorrow, anything that gives of a depressing vibe goes
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You get the vibe
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Selling my Kidney

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I have a question regarding a topic, that might not be legal in most countries. I consider myself a brave, selfless and stupid guy who does a lot for other people. I am in need to find someone who might be interested in buying my kidney. I need the money to visit my girlfriend in Colombia, I love her deeply and it’s a promise I intend to keep. I am 22 years old, athletic and don’t have any diseases. Other means of earning money are not possible, since I’m a student in a school that is rather expensive. Contact data will be given, I will however be armed in case the intention is stealing my kidney, instead of paying for it. I’m a big man, this would be a mistake. Kidney should be really healthy, I expect a few grand for it, a fair price for the organ. Mil Gracias (Ignore the picture, this is about the comment entirely) If you know someone who might be interested in buying, or if you are, message me. I don’t care what you do with the damn thing, but I want my money, otherwise there will be no deal.