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F.C /w/. - 2022 4chan Autumn Cup

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Hello fellow /w/eebs. After an absolute meme match in spring, we're looking to bounce back in the autumn cup.

>what the hell are you talking about
A sitewide simulated AI vs AI soccer/football tournament where teams represent the boards of 4chan. All players are various trends and memes of each board that are modded to look the part of what it is they represent

Here's an example

Pretty much everything about the team all gets decided by what people on the board suggest and vote for. So you're interested in our representation in the cup, here's the place to give out those hot opinions.

If you have a suggestion, leave it in this thread so that others can see. The poll is more or less a confirmation of the board's opinion.
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Ranma 1/2 papes

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Ranma .5 papes...
Post Them
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Stable Musing AI Art Bot Anime Creation On Telegram

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I used a Lightning Network wallet (wallet of satoshi) to create this for about 15 cents.

/prompt sexy and fit woman driving a hardsurface spider tank, a cyperpunk futurist city in the background, dramatically lit with dread and fear of war cinematic octane renderer trending on artstation by Masamune Shirow. -g 9.5 -i 80 -s 7191602 -a 16:9 -u x4+

Small cramped apartments / home

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Bubblegum Pop Wallpapers

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Fell in love with this style but having trouble finding good wallpapers beyond the Muse Dash wallpapers I post under this. I consider this bubblegum pop, does it go by something different?
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Figure Photography

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Something a little different
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Post Touhou wallpapers.
In the meantime I'll dump some from my folder.
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Welcome to the NHK!

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Bros... I think it's time we got another one going

I only have the ones from the old thread but hopefully we get to see some new ones
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Dark Wallpapers

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Dark phone thread: >>2191247
This thread is for dark colored desktop wallpapers
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