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Assblaster(Asshimar) Liora Edition

Welcome to V&U + Korean VTubers General, a thread for discussion of Virtual & Universe, as well as other Korean VTubers.

>What is V&U stands for?

V&U stands for is "Virtual and Universe" it also means "VTuber and You". V&U is an agency that operates on South Korea, their talents are encouraged to speak English. But they are not limited to speaking in Korean and Japanese.

V&U Schedule:

The First Generation: Symphoria.
>Penelope "Lofi" Wiseman - Half-Elf Loli, condensed cuteness, REALLY likes music and singing, she's good at it too, maybe asmr, hidden toxic. (Under stress: Klutz)
>Etherna Helen - NPC Fire Spirit, pretty friendly, she's giving huge gaming pal / couch potato vibes and her words filtering is a bit low, prankster and twin of Celine. (Under stress: Flustered )
>Etherna Celine - NPC Water Spirit, Nee-san with GFE character design but she's really close to a Konosuba Aqua, happy go lucky and gamer girl, twin of Helen. (Under stress: Panicky)
>Liora Walkyria - Valkyrie Neesan, she's sassy, and nerdy, her char design is SO FUCKING COOL, the true gfe, protector knight and simp for Penelope, there's no way she isn't /here/ (Under stress: Giggles)
>Wait, what’s this I’m hearing about Korean VTubers?
We’re glad you asked ! More information can be found on the following link:
>Twitch Korean VTuber Tag Search:브이튜버버튜버
>Korean language learning tools:
Learning apps/websites:
Do you want to learn how to read Korean in 5 minutes? Here's the link:

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