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Bakatare Circus general - Shiranui Flare, Shirakami Fubuki, Tsunomaki Watame & Omaru Polka

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PekoPiss is now officially on the market

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What are you waiting for, anons? Will you go to Japan to drink the legendary PekoPiss?

/rbc/ - Roboco thread

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/ぬんぬん/ - Tokino Sora General

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A thread dedicated to the discussion of the idol, Tokino Sora! and occasionally her good friends.

First Contact edition

Latest Album:

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ITT: aged like milk

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post 'em
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do you think my oshi is cute?

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>terminate support for several browsers
>force everyone on the 50-50 cut, including people that were already on the special 70-30
>force 720p max res in korea
>might do the same for other regions
Twitch it's gonna shutdown in 2023 at this rate, your twitch only chuubas better start migrating to Youtube
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Yozora Mel, Yuzuki Choco, & Aki Rosenthal General #109

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If you haven't watched Mel, here are some good clips to watch of her!
>Who is Yozora Mel?
Yozora Mel is part of the first generation of Hololive! Who does ASMR streams (although privated) and one of the top tier singers!
>Newest song

>Who is Yuzuki Choco?
Choco is a member of the second generation of Hololive. Popular for her ASMR (Quickly privated after stream), singing, Apex, COD, and Minecraft!
>Newest song

>Who is Aki Rosenthal?
Aki is a member of the first generation of Hololive. She plays plenty of Monster Hunter, Splatoon 3 and ARK. She had an Elden Ring playthrough two Anons messed up and made her lose her permissions. She also does ASMR and is known for her love of alcohol!
>Newest Song

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/MANS/ - Tempus General

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Pantyhose Edition

Last thread: >>34230518

>Magni / Altare / Noir / Syrios

>Magni Dezmond
>MAGNATION / Magmates
Live: #MagginTime
Art: #MagniOpus
Memes: #Dezmemes
Clips: #DezClips

>Regis Altare
Live: #AlTogether
Art: #WorkofAlt
Memes: #LaughTare
Clips: #RegiTales

>Noir Vesper
Live: #VesperONLINE
Art: #VespART / #ScholArt
Memes: #Noirgrounds
Clips: #ClipNoir

>Axel Syrios
Live: #Whysosyrios
Art: #Artxel
Memes: #Axeldent
Fan thumbnails: #AxelThumbtails

>OP Template
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/rrat/ - Hakos Baelz

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follow yoroshiku
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What would your oshi say if she saw what you post here?
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Salome was no the Gura killer after all

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She may have taken Gura's 1M and 1.5M records but couldn't scratch shork's 2M one. Seems the desu-wa virus has lost its fire... oh well, I enjoy both.
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