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/ybc/ - Yubicraft - /vt/ Minecraft server

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Egg hunt revival edition

server: yubicraft-
>How to install/play:


>Upcoming Events:
Iron Block Run (never happening)
Buildfes (never happening)
Nousagi Poker Finals (date pending)

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総長 + 会長

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For the ケイソン組 and 桐生会
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/aeg/ - Aetheria General

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Alter Edition

Aetheria Official links
Aetheria Project Youtube:

Full schedule:

Unofficial Archives:


Utano Pandora:
>Brit living in Japan, bilingual EN/JP. JP idol experience for EOPs. Cute and hardworking but doesn't like being called cute. Plays Nintendo, JRPGs, and Simulations

Momozora Seina:
>Primarily streams in ES, sometimes EN. Down to earth but will call you a pig. Good at chatting and singing. Plays Horror and Casual games.

Inami Yoki:
>Kusogaki that likes to chat, draw, and sing. Strong little sister vibes. Rhythm game fanatic.

Oumiya Emma:
>Peak dom. Peak sub. Massive SEA appeal. Likes to zatsu which has an RPG minigame and creative themes. Variety gamer

Alchemilla Menace:
>La creatividad de Aetheria. Dorky gremlin that makes cute autism noises. ASMR livestreams and guerilla gaming streams with possible prerecorded content in the future

Iekushi Chapipi:
>Great singer with a large variety in her singing repertoire, including opera. Mesugaki. Great voice actor, including male voices. Euro prime time streams. Variety gamer with a slight focus on narrative and atmospheric games

Vera Vee (Aetheria Manager and Member):
>Hopeless romantic cake with big Homeroom Teacher energy. Onee-san to all the other members. Plays VNs and Casual games, occasionally does ASMR.


Aether Friends:
Phase >>>/vt/pcg/
Prism >>>/vt/ppg+/
Kawaii >>>/vt/pkg/
Tsunderia >>>/vt/tsunX/
Idol Corp >>>/vt/jidf/
AkioAIR >>>/vt/aa/
Kurohana Inori -
Ayane Hylo -
Vivi -
Shizukou -
Moon Jelly -
Maria Paradisia -
Nunki (Amber Glow) -
VReverie -
Sava Safari -
Keriki Mara -
Yuzumi (Koa) -

Previous Thread: >>>>33867297

If you wish to discuss Matoii Mia's streams, her art, or any interactions she has with Aetheria members feel free. If you wish to seethe about a lack of streams or any of her community take it to >>>/vt/wvt/
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/pol/ka - Omaru Polka/尾丸ポルカ Thread

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Haachama World - 赤井はあと/はあちゃま

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Vtuber for this feel?
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/mhm/ - Kaela Kovalskia

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/hag/ - The Promised Hag

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/nene/ - 桃鈴ねね

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Thread for Hololive's 5th generation orange representative idol vtuber Momosuzu Nene
Previous Thread: >>33893063

Official Nene links:
Youtube channel:
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why doesn't she stream anymore?
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Is phase connect anti-male collabs?

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I started watching Pippa because I was looking for new Vtubers to watch after dropping Kronii and I heard that phase connect prohibits male/female collabs… but after digging through her channel I found that she did a collab with a YouTube named depressed Nousagi (who is a man) which contradicts what I had heard… so I’m here to ask… is phase connect actually anti male collabs or are they just as bad as hololive? since they clearly try to appeal 4chan you would think they would understand the market but like I said… I just saw her collabing with a dude so I can’t really tell
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O how the pure autistic introvert girl fell to western influence
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Why can't nijien just use home 3D?

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Pomu already have a 3d model

How well would Tempus have done if they were genderbended and started as HoloEN gen 3?

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>smug alchemist girl you can easily bully
>dumb australian dog girl that does sport and eat a lot
>isekai protag girl who's actually a yandere
>vampire hag who's into autistic games, computers and bikes