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Thoughts on these vtubers?
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/asmr/ ASMR/VTubers

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>What’s ASMR?
Standing for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR is the body's way of preparing itself to the sensory feeling before it gets touched, which is generally characterized by a tingling sensation throughout your body. There are many ways you can trigger it, mostly through touch, but listening to binaural audio can be a very relaxing method as well.

Previous thread: >>33845840
/asmr/ pastebin, including channel list, archiving tools, JP keywords, etc:
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Bakatare Circus general - Shiranui Flare, Shirakami Fubuki, Tsunomaki Watame & Omaru Polka

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Gawr, what's a gwar? Gwagereh. Then I call you chumbuddies, but now it's me, I'm Gooba, you know that, so I can call you chumby okaaaay? Who the heck is Gura? That's right, there's so many - I have so many nicknames now. I'm guh...Gumbo? Wombus? Gooby? Goob? Gooba? Goobs? Gargoyle? Gwargorilla?
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Why did she name her fanbase a derogatory term?

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Did deadbeats really proclaim themselves as deadbeats in public? All this time?
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O how the pure autistic introvert girl fell to western influence
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How well would Tempus have done if they were genderbended and started as HoloEN gen 3?

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>smug alchemist girl you can easily bully
>dumb australian dog girl that does sport and eat a lot
>isekai protag girl who's actually a yandere
>vampire hag who's into autistic games, computers and bikes

Why is she like this?

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> casually reveals she's 26, not 33
> says she wouldn't mind being 33
> says she'll behave even lewder when she's 33
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Can he save Nijisanji?
or it's a lost battle?
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Hololive Global

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m-mommy... it hurts...
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