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Who would you save

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You're in a burning building and can only save one
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Confess /vt/
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/ZomG/ - Zombie General/Ollie Appreciation General

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/wig/ Wiggly gerneral

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wiggly general

post wigglys
discuss wigglys
serve the lord who wiggles beyond the veil

I've finally finished the template I've been working on. I call this the fancy wiggly v.1

Template in .clip format
This contains a timeline

Template in .psd format
no timeline but smaller and can be opened in more programs

If you post a wiggly please say who the chuuba or character associated is, and maybe link them too!

Hololive Global

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if you don't member your oshi you don't love her

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simple as
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General for the discussion of miComet and PekoMiko

2021 christmas will be...?
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He’s a pekora fan
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Hololive Global

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Horny Thread - Sleepy Shark Edition

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/vsj+/ - VShojo+ General

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/PSS/ - Pentomo Safe Space

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This thread is a safe place to discuss Petra Gurin with no rape or bullying whatsoever.

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>go to a random utaite youtube channel who you've known for years
>see random hololive pfps in the comments
>couple of months old
huh that's weird. I've never heard this girl mention about hololive before
>haha forbidden knowleej guys eeks dee

why are people like this?
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