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Raidcat / 6 Star Raid Meta Thread

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Welcome to the Raidcat Perrserker Zone aka 6 Star Tera Raid Meta Thread

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>lol I can solo 5 star raids I don't need your ugly cat
6 stars are infinitely harder than 5 and extremely annoying. You can do them the normal way and risk wasting your time, or accept the raidcat as your raid savior.

>What's the meta?
4 Perrserkers. Their Hidden Ability stacks multiplicatively and, if you follow the flowchart, you can one-shot most raids.

>What's the raidcat like?
Perrserker @ Lum Berry
Level 100
Ability: Steely Spirit (Hidden Ability)
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed (Host) or HP (Joiner)
Adamant Nature
- Iron Head
- Screech
- Swords Dance
- Taunt (Host) / Helping Hand (Joiner)

>Host? Joiner?
There's a small difference in strategy whether you are hosting or joining a raid. See pic.

>Alright so what's the fucking flowchart
Check the OP pic.

The host can also specify some different flowcharts to adapt to the boss raidmon

>Does this work every time?
No, but it's one of the only consistent strategies that you can follow. It's not great against Pokemon that have strong and/or STAB Fire/Fighting/Ground moves, and if their Tera resists Steel it can also take a few more turn (but still doable). Even if you don't get the OHKO, the raidmon should be extremely chunked and from then on just raid normally.

>How to get cat with HA?
Language Teacher sidequest, then use an Ability Patch to change its ability. Patch is an 11% drop from 6 Star Raids.

>I tried breeding but I'm getting Kantonian Meowth...
Make the G-Meowth hold an Everstone

>wtf I did that but none of them have Steely Spirit
G-Meowth's HA is Unnerve, it becomes Steely Spirit upon evolution.

If anyone asks questions that are answered in the OP or in the OP pic, call them stupid.

Use this thread to trade for raidcats, to organize (raidcat) raids, or just to discuss and ask questions about raids in general.