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You post your favorite pokémons and other anons make assumptions about you.
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Was Dark/Fighting good before gen 6?

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>fighting neutralizes bug weakness
>dark gives immunity to psychic weakness
>only weak to fighting & flying
>Can hit ghost with STAB SE to make up for fighting immunity
>Can hit every type for neutral STAB
>Hits Psychic and Dark for SE STAB
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Rate my favorite mons of each type
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why dont they make fun spinoffs anymore?

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I just want a version of pokemon pinball inspired by that waifu pinball game where I catch and train a pinball pokemon team and catch more pokemon and battle raid boss legendaries without all the gacha mechanics. The old pokemon pinball games deserve justice
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Is this what love feels like?
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Fire Pig Family thread
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XY was actually bad though
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Glitchy Pokemon.
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I've never watched this dude but this popped up on my homepage and I've never seen a more perfect KANTOOOOO face it doesn't even need an edit
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for me its absol with ears
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