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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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>Baddy Bad
>Bouncy Bubble
>Sizzly Slide
Has there been anything dumber?
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I like deez guys
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Have you washed in between your asscheeks today?

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Azumarill likes to post about Pokémon too but it's concerned you're not taking care of your personal hygiene.
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>Gran/vp/a, you weren't one of those "trainers" that owned sentient animal slaves, were you?
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Krookodile thread

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Why are unova darkies so fucking BASED? Not a single region has a better set of darkies than unova, theyre just all good.
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/TCC/ Trading Card Collectors General

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Spooktober Edition
scalpers, youtubers, investorfags and schizos get the rope

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Route 1, home
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>*Shinx tries to intimidate*
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