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Pokemon you super wanna hug [platonically] pet [[no lewds pls]] and cuddle [[[seriously don't]]].
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The real world is bad I want to live in Pokémon

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Pokémon is the most popular license because the world should look like Pokémon
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Jolteon is the coolest gen 1 Pokémon bar none, and is yet cooler than the majority of Pokémon that came after. This little nigga is the reason why Leafeon is so shit; Game Freak knew they couldn't top Jolteon's awesomeness and deliberately made it lame.
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What's his pokemon team?

Giving non Pokemon characters a team of Pokemon

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What's his team?

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Allister is the center of attention.

Lore not matching gameplay

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Everything about this SCREAMS that Mienshao should have Skill Link, but it doesn't. Copperajah's hide "resists water" and Durant's carapace "resists fire" but this is not reflected in the games.

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In the olden days before lighthouses were built with their highly sophisticated lenses, sailors navigating the southern seas would often use Zapdos' lightning as a sight marker by judging the distance and illumination of surrounding land. It is for this reason that the legendary bird was once heralded as the "lightning fly" or even "fire bird", perhaps ironically, as its own legendary cousin Moltres was known to despise such extensive flights across the oceans.

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B2W2 lost
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Wait you guys are actually nostalgic for Unova? I thought it was a joke.
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