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/wfg/ WiFi General

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Wifi General

There was some traction gaining for trades, maybe we gain some interests in battles nearing the end of the gen.

Anyways, multi battles when?
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Anyone have a spare VMG code that they would trade for a shiny Eternatus code?

Reddit is shit with organized trades with their flair bullshit so I thought an anon here could use it

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>need to have Ash battle Leon, but can't have him challenge the Galar League due to the series having Ash and Goh hop back and forth between regions
>have to create a world tournament and turn every other Champion into a jobber instead to make this battle happen

They wrote themselves into a corner.
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Anyone know a good ds emulator so I can play Pokémon black
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>let's make Cynthia but uglier
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Pokemon Eternal Order

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You should play this fangame. It's pretty good.
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Pokemon you super wanna hug [platonically] pet [[no lewds pls]] and cuddle [[[seriously don't]]].
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The real world is bad I want to live in Pokémon

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Pokémon is the most popular license because the world should look like Pokémon
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Jolteon is the coolest gen 1 Pokémon bar none, and is yet cooler than the majority of Pokémon that came after. This little nigga is the reason why Leafeon is so shit; Game Freak knew they couldn't top Jolteon's awesomeness and deliberately made it lame.
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