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What games feel like this series used to feel?

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Which non-pokemon games feel similar to the pre 3-D games in terms of exploration, atmosphere (cozy, mysterious, whimsical), and pure joy to old school pokemon? I can only replay gens 1-5 so much and the newer games are mostly trash.
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Holy fuck
Holy fucking fuck
That body of yours is absurd
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Is Braixen the only Pokémon destined to use an everstone forever?
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Is slowbro retarded?

They never should have tried to make them a thing

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Out of all the Pokegirls out there to ship Ash with why did they make her the love interest? That’s literally all she’s known for.
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Scarlet & Violet

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Full Pokedex leak WHEN?
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I just caught a female scrafty in White 2, it's been bullying me ever since. What do I do /vp/?

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Whats are their teams
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Which Pokemon makes the best sexual partner for a human, objectively speaking?
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