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/vp/ plays Pokemon Opal

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>musk plays a bunch of wack (idk what the fuck even happens in that game) and beats a robot virgin with magic pokemon
>in opalo, we head to PokeOrleans
>we find out apolo was an omega nigger even as a child
>we reunite with the bald faggot Derringer, who's now apparently on our side
>unfortunately the city gets taken over by voodoo zombies
>we sneak into the voodoo parlor, complete a puzzle, and rescue ixia
>we defeat the voodoo bitch who's the ugliest cunt in the entire game
>we then head to the docks where the bitch is planning to sacrifice the whole city

Whiteout counter: 0
Badges: 8
Spirit Fragments: 1

Confirmed deaths: 7
Bad guys get away: 10
Pokemon ordered to attack trainer: 1
Bestiality: 2
Organ trafficking: 1
Crashes: 1

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/vp/ plays MEGA folder (contains writefaggotry, art, screenshot spam, and extras):

What the fuck is this garbage?
>This is Pokemon Opal, which is going to be the second game Xaviondos does at a snail's pace
>It's actually complete - if you ignore the bad translation.
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