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New convergent species leak. It's not actually Volbeat, it just happened to evolved to look exactly like it. It's called Illumise. It's not a regional, it's a while new species. It's "convergent"
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Post things that have yet to be pokemon
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Why do they keep shilling him so hard? He's not even that popular. Sandshrew is way more popular and cuter!
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>americans failed to understand this
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for me its absol with ears
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What was the first item you cloned with the Missingno glitch?

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ITT: absolute bottom of the barrel trash ideas that it is high time we as a community come together to finally admit were a mistake.
I'll start.
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ITT: Cringe thread
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this shit looks fun desu but really inconsistent. Shame most legendaries won't be affected so it won't see much use in comp
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Yo, anyone remember this shit? If you got stuff like it, post it.
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